Feb 14th Valentines Day

Another overcast day, no roses or chocolates for the birds on this site, just the usual seed and nuts. Very quiet on the feeders today numbers were very low:- 2 Blue Tit, 2 Great Tit 1 F Bullfinch, 2M 2F Blackbirds, 2 Greenfinch, 2M 2f Chaffinch, 5 Goldfinch, 1 Magpie, 4 robins, 1 dunnock, and 1 Coal Tit.
But the Tufted were out in force 6 pairs on the long pond, see pic of some, the tame super sub striker was out again while feeding the swans, will try and take a video tomorrow if light is better


Monday 13th February

This morning was overcast and a bit drizzly, Blackcombe has been decapitated. Bob not present today so no bird count, hope to do better tomorrow, a few goldfinch on feeders see pic, good to watch them squabbling. Also watched the super submarine striker (male tufted), same profile as yesterday, would submerge about 10 foot from the feeding ducks and swans and come up from underneath to pinch the bread, sneaky!!
Also found the badgers have returned to the set near the old tip, lots of fresh activity, could be the female having young away from the main set, then retuning when they are a little older.


Sightings and Bird Count

Hi, the ice has nearly all gone from the long pond and Brian was feeding the 2 swans, 14 mallards and 2 pairs of tufted ducks.
The swans and mallards were nigh in a feeding frenzy with the bread being thrown to them in the shallow water. When one of the male tufted
ducks dived beneath the water from the rear of the feeding group swam alongside one of the swans. Then to our amazement
stole the bread from the swan, whilst still submerged, to its bewilderment. What a sight to behold it is the first time either of us have seen
one of these ducks swimming underwater. They are usually much further out in the pond when diving so the opportunity never arises.

At the north feeder- 1M-1F bullfinch, 1 great tit, 2 blue tits, 1 coal tit, 4 robins, 2 dunnocks, 3M-2F reed buntings,
5 chaffinch, 9 greenfinch, 8 goldfinch and 3M-3F blackbirds.

Posted by Bob

Bird Count for two days

Hi, the count for Friday 10th :- at the long pond just 14 mallard and 2 swans.
North feeder :- 2M-1F bullfinch,1 great tit,2 blue tits, 1 coal tit, 4 robins, 2M-3F reed buntings,
4M-3F blackbirds,1 goldfinch,15 greenfinch, 2 dunnocks, 4 chaffinches.
2 woodpeckers flew by going south.

Count for today Sat. 11th :- at long pond, 14 mallard, 2 swans and one male tufted duck.
North feeder:- 1M-1F bullfinch, 2 great tits, 2 blue tits, 1 coal tit, 3M- 2F reed buntings,
6M-4F blackbirds, 4 chaffinch, 12 greenfinch, 2 dunnocks, 4 robins.

Posted by Bob

Bird Count

Hi, freezing ground this morning every stone and bare patch was just ice, tricky underfoot.

At the long pond 2 swans and a few mallard coping with the icy conditions…still quiet.

At the north feeder 2M-2F bullfinch,4 blue tits, 3 great tits, 1 coal tit, 3M-1F reed buntings,
7M-3F blackbirds, 8 chaffinch, 2 dunnocks, 5 robins and 12 greenfinch.

Posted by Bob

Bird Count

Hi, good to see Geof”s posting yesterday, hope you are feeling better.

At the long pond the 2 swans waddled over the ice to take some bread along with 4 mallard, and that was it,
very quiet.

The north feeder:- 1M-1F bullfinch,3 great tits, 2 blue tits, 4M-1F reed buntings, 2M-2F blackbirds, 5 chaffinch,
2 dunnocks, 4 robins, 13 greenfinch, 8 goldfinch……since starting my count on 24th Oct. 2011 this is the highest
number of goldfinch I have recorded here have seen charms of them in higher number feeding in the fields but not conducting a count then.

For the interested Brian and myself top up the feeders on a daily basis and we sit for approx. 10 – 20 minutes
counting and observing, Bri is usually busy with his camera clicking away for that winning photo’.

Posted by Bob

Bird count

Approaching the fishing pond Brian and I saw a heron near to the fishing landings, Brian tried to get a photo, as usual the heron took flight.

At the north feeder this morning:- 1M-1F bullfinch, 2 great tits, 2 blue tits, 1 coal tit, 9 greenfinch, 5 goldfinch,
5 chaffinch,5 robins, 2m-1F reed buntings, 2 dunnocks, 3m-3F blackbirds.

The long pond was almost frozen over again but 2 swans and the white mallard and 4 other mallards had kept it from freezing completley
in a different location to the last few days.

Posted by Bob