Little Grebe

Today we were watching the Little Grebe feeding their young with small fish, thought these birds only ate weeds see photo, one of the fish was a little to big and the parent tried to reduce it’s size by diving under the water, presumably to use the bottom as an anvil.

We also came across a very young Fox Moth caterpillar, these will hibernate over winter and emerge next spring but about four times the size.

Bob and Bri

More caterpillars

Posted by Ian
My garden has been invaded by elephant hawk moth catterpillars most days which wander everywhere (they puzzle Pip) but today we had a privet hawkmoth caterpillar,both are really unusual visitors. (see pics)

Little Grebes etc

Posted by Ian

Lovely morning, lots of mist first thing,came across two roe deer (buck and doe) grazing by gate 4 and a low flying hen harrier (female) by the sheep enclosure,all too quick for this snapper!.

Got some shots of a little grebe feeding two young on the long pond (see pics) so at least captured some of the mornings wildlife.

Beautiful Scenery

The Heather has been in bloom for a couple of weeks now but unfortunately the weather does not always do it justice but yesterday it was at it’s full potential, the aromatic scent was exquisite and the colour outstanding and there is no shortage of bees working hard harvesting the pollen.

It was a very large ebb this morning and a few scars which are very rarely prominent, including the Bootle Stone.

Bob and Bri

Thursday 15th August

Yellow Bartsia

This year has been very poor, the usual places are either down in numbers or none at all. Most can be found on the large island, roughly 30, it can now be accessed with just boots.


There are still numerous Gatekeepers but fading fast, a few Common Blue, newly emerged Speckled Wood and caught on camera a newly emerged Red Admiral.

Little Grebe

When on the island looking for Bartsia a family of Little Grebe, one adult female and four young, swam past and through the reeds to the nest.


Now down to one cygnet, last one disappeared at the weekend, and this one will soon go unless it keeps close to the parents, this afternoon it was at the opposite end of the pond to both adults.


Common Toad Numbers Decreasing

Caught on camera the culprit trying to reduce the population of Common Toads, one down only another hundred thousand to go !!

The Herons have now fledged and some have returned to fish on the long pond, but they like there own space and will not tolerate any others, even if they are a close relative.