30 April, 2015 13:41

30th April 2015
Had a walk around Gillies yesterday and in spite of the bitter wind there were plenty of warblers, especially willow and chiffchaff. One whitethroat singing up in the scrubby area and eventually found a lesser whitethroat up beyond the picnic table, sensibly in the lee of the bushes and singing well. Had an amazing view of sparrowhawks down in the wooded area. First a female, sitting preening in one of the willows. Then, to my surprise, a male flew in and perched next to her for a few moments before flying off again. I wondered if he had brought a gift of food – their feet were hidden by branches and I don’t know if sparrowhawks do that. You never know what you will see!
Jenny England

Monday 27th April

The Willow warblers have been here for a couple of weeks now and last week they were joined by the Grasshopper and Sedge warblers but after the last few nights of frost they may return to Africa.

Also there are quite a few Wheatear about, looking extremely dapper, see photos.

We still are topping up the feeders for a couple of weeks and the usual suspects are there every day, see photo of Male Bully.

Bob and Bri

Spring Sightings

Posted by Ian

Have not been around the reserve for some months but the south of the Island over the last few days of sunshine has been awash with swallows,house martins and warblers especially cricket.

Wheatears have been around since the beginning of march and today I watched two sand martins;they have been regular vistitors to the red clay cliffs for some years.

Looks like spring is kicking off.

Friday 17th April

Still no sign of any Natterjack strings, I think these cold nights are putting them off.

The swans are still moving around and have not yet picked out a nesting spot and it’s getting late.

The Canada geese have also moved on, only an odd couple are looking interested. This morning one pair came in on the fishing pond, see sequence of photos.

Shelduck pairs are now looking for nesting holes a pair flew over us on the way back this morning.

Brian the farmer has had a new addition, see photo, mother is a Belted Galloway, so i guess he takes after his father.

Bob and Bri