The numbers at the feeders has now increased to 6 males and 5 females, the couple of photos attached were taken using a wildlife camera strapped to a branch above the table. Notice that the male at the back has fungus on his legs.

Bob and Bri

Bullfinch with fungus legs

Managed to take a photo this morning of the Male Bullfinch with bad legs, not very clear but it can be seen, according to RSPB site this maybe completely different to the Chaffinch strain, hopefully it will not spread through the others.

Mistle Thrushes are not often seen on the reserve but there was one calling on the airfield fence this morning.

Bob and Bri

Low Lying Mist

This morning there was no real height required to see an inversion, the mist was lying very low, see a few shots.

The cygnet is still with it’s parents and looking very well, six more landed on the pond this morning but were soon chased off by the resident male.

Bob and Bri

Lovely Sunrise

We had a glimpse of the sun this morning,just before it disappeared into the clouds and it just helps to brighten up the day.

Bob and Bri


The tufted are normally spread across the ponds but today most were on the long pond and as normal, not many female.

Bob and Bri

Jet Trails

The pattern set up by the jets this morning were preparing for a game of noughts and crosses.

We had a female Reed Bunting at the feeders this morning, first for a while.

Bob and Bri


Everywhere you walk there are Blackbirds, mostly male, and at the feeders each morning the number varies between 6 and 10.

Bullfinches have returned, normally three male and one female but unfortunately one of the males has caught the leg mite, not managed a photo yet.

Another creature that is thriving is the mole and one has tunnelled up through the new path.

A mixed flock of Greenfinch and Goldfinch waiting to resume feeding this morning, in the area just after the horse field, also heard two Water Rail calling in the same area.

Bob and Bri

2nd December

The visibility to the north was exceptional this morning, the mountains were very clear but also there was a glimpse of Scotland, the Mull of Galloway or Burrow Head, see photos.

Two carrion crows were chasing a larger bird over the long pond this morning, but we only managed a glimpse, it did have a touch of white on the rump, may have been a Hen Harrier.

Bob and Bri