Wind Turbines

The last turbines to be installed have not been turning for a couple of weeks now, problems and/or maintenance?: but this morning was more intriguing, there was only one remaining, see photo.

The cygnets are doing very well, still six out of eight, see photo.

The Cinnabar caterpillars are out in force trying their best to devour all the Ragwort, think they will require reinforcements, it’s been a really good year for the plant.

We just noticed today, a tree sculpture shaped like a Hare!!, see photo

A couple of visitors at the feeders, a very scruffy Carrion Crow which waits underneath to catch any spillages, it also keeps the rats away and a few young Willow Warblers, feeding around the Willow trees, see photos.

Bob and Bri


Those hairy caterpillars belonging to the Garden Tiger and Drinker have now transformed into moths, see the attached photos

also attached are a few other interesting types.

Bob and Bri​​


This year has been exceptionally poor for butterflies, only now are we starting to see a few, even the Meadow Brown are in the low tens, normally in the two fields they would be in the hundreds.

The Gatekeeper as Jenny mentioned, has quickly built up and is now in the hundreds, but others are in single figures.

Large Skipper, one found in the area behind the curved seat, again these are very few in number.

Small Copper, one found on the main path from the field to the airport.

Comma, found two in Gillies field,

Also found a, Shaded Broad-bar moth in Gillies.

Large Dragonflies are also low in numbers, two Hawker did pass this morning but were too difficult to identify, the smaller variety, The Common Darter, are out in great numbers, found flying around sheltered Willows.

Bob and Bri

12th July

12th July 2017

A beautiful day for a walk around the reserve with lovely views across the long pool to the Lakeland fells. The swan family seems to be doing well with 6 cygnets still. There was a common sandpiper on the little island as I went past, still there a couple of hours later. Apart from the meadow browns, butterflies seemed sparse: just saw one small copper and one dark green fritillary, both in the meadows, and managed a couple of not very good photos. Also a few gatekeepers – the first I had seen this year – and a hawker-size dragonfly that kept going so don’t know what kind. Enjoyed seeing the wild flowers, especially the yellow bartsia an one of my favourites, the haresfoot clover.

During the walk, I mislaid a favourite scarf and a kind lady walking with a group took my phone number and rang later to say she had found it and was posting it. People can be so kind. I hope they enjoyed their walk as much as I did.

Jenny England

Determined Rats

We thought by cutting back the branches around the feeding table it would stop the rats gaining access to it and this morning we were proved wrong. One jumped across, from the remains of the branch to the table, then when getting back again, jump from the table to the branch. As the photos show it only just made the branch, on two occasions it missed completely and fell six feet to the ground but it did not stop trying again. A little more branch will have to go.

Bob and Bri

Young Birds

Now is the time to see the young birds and if lucky to catch them being fed, photos of:-

Blackbird and young,

Young Blue Tit,

Young Swallow waiting to be fed,

Young Sand Martin being fed.

Bob and Bri