Wednesday 16th July

Lew found a lovely message at the seat last week, scrawled on a rough piece of material, it is nice to see people enjoying the seat and taking time out to let us know.

Found a Brown Hawker laying eggs on one of the ponds, at the same time a male Emperor was patrolling and occasionally another large hawker, possibly a southern, would fly past.


Thursday 10th July

Lots of Whitethroat this season and should be even more next, found this one feeding it’s second brood.

Not as many Linnets this year but managed to capture a pair at the entrance to the old tip.

Ben sniffed out a dead badger, only hours old, found lying under a Willow tree, no obvious signs of damage, only small maybe this seasons and could be due to this very dry spell lasting so long.

Found a Wheatear on path near fishing pond, could be travelling south or possibly disturbed by the hay making on the airfield.

In the afternoon at the same place came across a field vole feeding in the centre of the path, oblivious to both me and the two dogs.


Tuesday 8th July

Well I spoke too soon last week, the Cygnets are now down to four, something has had a good meal.

The Common Darter is out in full force they are everywhere.

With the slight bit of rain, resulted in the main path being covered in tiny Common Toadlets.

At last the swifts have arrived on the long pond, between eight and ten topping up for the long flight south.

Caught a glimpse of a Terrapin on Mill Lane pond, there were two last last year, ar least one has survived the winter.

The marsh Helleborine are out in the usual place, the dip behind the butts, but with area being under water for so long they are only on the slopes.

At the moment there is a nice display of Water Lillies on Mill Lane pond.

We have had a pair of Herring Gulls nesting on our roof and are subjected to attacks as soon as we step outside.

Black Tailed Skimmer

Yesterday morning came across a pair of Black-tailed Skimmers on the path just as you enter the reserve, see photo.

The swans and six Cygnets are doing fine, all are growing great, last year they appeared to have stunted growth and eventually all died, and not having any Canada’s on the pond definitely helps.