Just like Mum

Brian the farmer has moved the cows down into the new fenced area for a few months, one of the new additions was caught with her calf this morning.

The last week brought out a few hawkers and we shot this Migrant this morning.

The chaffinch population are suffering with some form of mite or fungus, see the adult male with a really bad leg.

A couple of Goldfinch came to feed on the thistles next to the seat this morning.

Bob and Bri

Baby Lizard

On the walk back, last Monday, we found a baby lizard, on the new path across the old tip. The temperature had dropped significantly overnight and it was probably trying to warm up. Difficult to identify at this age.

Bob and Bri

17th August

This is a bit late – went on 17th August. First visit in a very long time and a really fine day. Quite a lot of butterflies: mostly gatekeepers but also 3 small coppers and, along the dunes and shingle edge, quite a few common blues and graylings. The heathers were at their best, also the sea lavender on the salt marsh. Two late swifts flew over and plenty of swallows still about. Over the car pool a brown hawker and an emperor dragonfly were chasing each other. Several common darters and a few blue damsels around too. Was surprised by the amount of yellow bartsia plants by the second small pool. Lovely to be back.

A stinging time

This morning, at the bottom end of the long pond we came across an excavation of a bee’s nest by some badgers. All the honey had gone and there were quite a few number of dead bees scattered around the hole but also a few still trying to recover the nest from the damage. ( Think this type of Bumble Bee is Bombus Lucorum, distinguished by the white tail).

At the moment there is a fantastic display of Sea Holly, when it first starts to flower the colours are outstanding.

Bob and Bri

Barn Owls

Good news from Tony he has seen three young at the tower. According to the World Owl Trust who monitor Owls numbers, this year has been poor for rearing Barn Owl chicks.