We are all just food

Spotted a Common Blue Damselfly catch a moth this morning which it quickly started to devour, shortly after a Meadow Pipit on a gorse bush, with food, which looks like a large Red Damselfly, for it’s young.

Bob and Bri

The Swans made it safely to the Long Pond

The family of Swans moved to the long pond the next day and all are doing fine, how the adults managed the gates and fences is not known.

The place is buzzing with life at the moment, attached are just a few of the animals to see.

There are a lot of Bumblebees about at the moment but one did catch my eye because the pollen sack was orange not yellow, see photo.

Bob and Bri

New Cygnets

The pair of swans nesting on the pond next to the fishing pond brought the cygnets out onto the fishing pond today and they look more than a day old as can be seen on the photos there are eight, she has probably been keeping them under cover for a few days. Last year was the first time they nested, but on the long pond and produced five very late in the season and managed to raise them satisfactorily. The major problem for them now is if they try to move them up the path to the long pond, having to navigate a gate the cows and the fence.

Bob and Bri

Swan with two heads

The pair of visiting swans were on the marsh yesterday, they are not venturing far but it’s a bit late to start nesting now.

We had an unwelcome visitors at the feeders today, three rats, will have to put the food out of reach, or stop until September.

Lots of birds feeding the young, caught a Meadow Pipit with a fly this morning, and also a Dunnock in full throttle.

Bob and Bri

No more swans allowed

Over the last few months another pair of swans have been seen on various ponds but very rarely on the long one, but this morning they were caught by the resident male and he was not happy, see photos. They finally flew off individually about an hour later, the wind was quite strong from the east and it was difficult for them to make headway.

Also came across a Fox moth caterpillar, which still retained a couple of morning drops of dew.

A photo of a Cuckoo was left on the table last week, snapped on one of the fence posts behind the feeders,many thanks to whoever, it is very much appreciated.

Bob and Bri.