Tuesday 23rd August

After all the rain yesterday it was a very pleasant morning today, warm, no wind or rain.

The remnants of the rain were still to be found, on grass seeds and stems and it also highlighted the many spiders webs.

A Barn Owl was sat on one of the boxes, looks to be one of this years young.

A Sparrowhawk was out looking for a quick snack, flying about two foot off the ground.

A flock of Goldfinches were having a good feed of seeds.

Bob and Bri


A Dor beetle dropped into the moth trap this week, just slightly bigger than a Ladybird, as can be seen in the enlarged photo, looks more menacing but is just a harmless dung beetle.

On the same day there was a Sexton beetle on the path. Normally a pair will bury a small or part animal as food for their offspring, the female will lay her eggs near the carcass and then remain nearby to protect them from predators.

The Swan family is now down to three Cygnets, why they keep dying is a mystery, one day they look under the weather and next they are gone.

Bob and Bri

Young Birds

Barn Owls have not nested on the reserve this year and they have not been seen hunting around Gillie’s fields, so it was a surprise to spot a young one in the water tower. This year they have nested on top the tank and one can be seen in the photo, standing on the ledge inside the tower. Tony reported seeing three, a couple of days after the picture was taken, he also reported seeing a family of Jays, see photo of one of the young.

Today at the seat a young Wren came out on Geoff’s seat looking for insects and was very lucky not to be taken by a Sparrow Hawk as it swooped though looking for a snack.

Bob and Bri


Cowpat’s could be the answer to the Elf housing shortage.

Came across a couple of mating snails at the top of one plant and later on, a slug having a good meal at the top of another.


Cowpat Elf Village.pdf