Female Cuckoo

Talked to Chris on his way back this morning, we both reported not seeing a female Cuckoo or a Willow Warbler this year and then half and hour later, found both. The Cuckoo flew out of the willow trees opposite the feeders and settled on the steel post, see photo, the Willow Warbler was in the reed bed, opposite the path in the middle of the fishing pond.

Also came across a small flock of Eider Duck in the channel, made up of mostly males.


Wednesday 26th April

Yesterday we had a Jay visit the feeders and it certainly can knock the peanuts back.

This morning we had a good start, rounding up the cows back into the reserve, someone had left the new memorial gate open, Brian is going to fit a new lock.

There are a few Grasshopper Warblers about and one on top of the tip was giving a splendid display this morning, often when it starts to sing, the beak opens for a few seconds before the tune starts.

Also came across a pair of House Sparrows just at the start of the walk, don’t know what they were doing this far from buildings,maybe they know something we don’t and are getting in early to pick a plot.

Bob and Bri

First Cuckoo

Yesterday we heard our first Cuckoo, first in the willow trees near the feeders and then over towards the fields and lastly north of the third field. Over the past few years there have been sightings of Cuckoo but not actually calling and usually in the first two weeks of May. So this is early but it does coincide with the Meadow Pipits,it’s preferred choice of nest, as they are now nesting.

Birds have started nesting early this year, the swan is a month earlier than last year and in the park this morning a male Blackbird was feeding a very well developed young, see photo.

At the feeders, two adult robins arrived together and one took food off the table to feed to the other, could no catch the action on camera but managed a shot of one with food.

Only problem with the warm weather it brings out the wee little darlings (midges) , see photo

A couple of the Highland cows were having a good feed of the Willow tree blossom, it must be nectar !! according to the faces.

Bob and Bri

Natterjack Tadpoles

Checking the ponds this morning and found about 200 tadpoles in one of the new ponds, dug last year, same one that produced toadlets, hope this is a sign for more to come.

Yesterday, the place was alive with midges and a mix of Swallow, Sand Martin and House Martin were taking good advantage and feeding over the long pond, see shot of Sand Marting having a rest on fence.

Bob and Bri


18th April 2017
Lovely morning on Walney. Willow warblers everywhere and a chiffchaff singing in the willows by the south feeders.Saw my first whitethroat of the year, singing a bit near the ‘bird’ gate. Cutting through to the shore from there, the dunes were abuzz with small bees. I saw the same thing last April at Sandscale. They are plasterer bees and make nest holes in the sand ‘plastering’ the sides with a cellophane-like substance. There were lots of their holes already dug. The photos are not very good as they kept moving!
jenny England

Sunday 10th April

Another cold morning but it soon warms up, spotted first Red Admiral today, spring is finally on the move, just a few shots of what was spotted today,

Bob and Bri

Opening day

Art Gene held the opening yesterday, of their creation at the North End, no doubt full coverage will be in the local press this week or for more information log onto their site http://www.art-gene.co.uk/

As reported yesterday the cows have returned and are just being a pain, every time they are around the seat it becomes a rubbing post with consequences, see photos.

Bob and Bri

Cows have returned

Bri has brought the cows back and they are in the first area and will remain until the end of May, caught a couple of highland on camera.

On the channel side paths to the north end there are flowers, Sweet Alison and Common Scurvy grass and in the dunes a few Wild Pansy..

As mentioned yesterday the Willow Warblers had arrived, one photo taken in Willow tree near curved seat.

Bob and Bri

Willow warblers have arrived

Yesterday there were a number of Willow Warblers singing, especially in the trees just before the tip.

Because of the mild winter, the Natterjack ponds were checked out earlier than normal, all have plenty of water but no signs of any strings.

Near one set of ponds the ground was covered in Lichen, not sure what type, see photo.

Shelduck are flying and calling, trying to compete for a mate.

A pair of Mergansers were in the channel, normally resident on the long pond, but not this year.

Plenty of Pipits about on the reserve, not many Skylarks, more on the tip than in the reserve.

Bob and Bri

First Warbler

This weather is not only bringing a very warm, sunny and most of all dry welcome change, it’s fetching the first summer visitors. Last week it we had Sand Martins and today there was a single Sedge Warbler feeding on some Willow and further down the path, in the horse field, were a flock of Linnets.