More wilful damage

Over the past few years, we have suffered with theft and wilful damage of our equipment and the latest was to the Moth trap on Tuesday evening, see photo. The wires were all cut between the battery and the lamp control and then scattered around the surrounding area, the trap will be out of use until the damaged equipment is replaced.
Other insects attracted to the trap have been a Sexton Beetle and a Wolf Spider after easy prey.

Bob and Bri


There are still a few variety of butterfly to be seen, photos taken in last couple of days of:-
Red Admiral, Painted Lady, Wall, Small Heath, Meadow Brown, Common Blue and Speckled Wood.
Also found a Drinker moth attached to some Gorse, just looks like a leaf.


Viper’s Bugloss

It has been fairly quiet over the past couple of weeks, lots of swallows flying through, stopping off for a quick feed on there way, also there have been a few House Martins, for the past few days, feeding over the ponds.
The Gold Finches are flocking again but there don’t appear to be in any large numbers.
A Barn Owl has been spotted hunting over the first field, first time this year.
The Viper’s Bugloss is now in bloom and can be found 100yards east of Gate 4, just follow part of the new coastal path, which was cleared in March for Country File’s visit, earlier this year..