Thursday 27th Dec

Another dark morning, it seems that it never actually gets light before night sets in again.
Sheep have been roaming outside the fences for the last week, quite a few on the marsh, enjoying the sea washed turf.
There was a good morning last week and as soon as the sun began to rise the mist appeared.
On the way back yesterday, trying to miss the deep water, we came across a recently killed toad ,probably Carrion Crow, how they still manage to find them at this time of the year?

Bob and Bri

Boxing Day

Boxing Day and weather permitting we usually take a wee dram,nibbles & coffee to savour at the feeders. We both raise a glass to all our readers and wish you all the best for the new year. The heavy rain we seem to have had for months has seen the ponds at their deepest for years causing them to overflow on to the paths.Will they ever return to normal ? It will take a couple of months of dry conditions to do so.
Last week Bri and myself saw the three roe deer, a mother and her two young, one is a young buck. Also a picture of Bri lining up his image of the heron in a recent blog.

Bri & Bob

Weather & Wildlife

Posted by Ian

Well what a contrast of weather over the last couple of days; Tuesday saw a beautifull warm sunny day with little wind,but also very little wildlife on the move.Today brought a horrible day,heavy rain and wind but also the sight of three roe deer,two does and a young buck.As they galloped over the heather they disturbed a short eared owl which I watched for a while hunting low over the ground.Hope it was successful!.Tuesdays walk around the reserve culminated in our annual gathering at Geofs ( Bill,Bob,Brian,Geof and myself) and a very merry time it was. Seasons Greetings to all our Readers.

Tuesday 18th December

What a beautiful morning, a little sun and no wind, the reflections in the ponds were superb, managed one photo with a wind swept tree.
One photo of Scafell with a small covering of snow.
There was a small bird on a bush along the track to the tip, but we were not sure what type, possibly a young Stonechat any confirmation please.
We also spotted some orange wax like fungus on a stump of a Gorse bush, what type is it?.

Bob and Bri

Monday 17th December

The rain this w/e is lying on top of the already sodden ground, one of the smaller ponds is almost overflowing, how the small mammals and hibernating insects are going to survive is difficult to see but we will have to wait and see the outcome next year.
The Yellow Bartsia appears to thrive in the wet and all the known areas are well under water this year, will it be a bumper crop next year ??
The Bullfinches are slowly building up there numbers at the feeders, with three female and three male, last year the total was six male and four female.

Bob and Bri

Friday 14th December

Just made it back this morning before the rain started, the ground was starting to dry out, wellies are still the required footwear if wandering off the main paths.
Yesterday there were forty to fifty Teal in the south east corner of the long pond, it was the only unfrozen patch of water. There were sixty on the pond this morning, probably keeping out the way of the wildfowlers. Couple of photos attached.
We are having to book our place at the seat, it’s being taken over by a robin, see photo.
Still going through last years photos and came across one of Beau the border collie in the snow, he seems to have developed a nasty cough.

Bob and Bri

Nov 11th

Posted by Ian

Beautifull cold crisp days at the moment,the reserve looks totally different this time of year,the sunsets and sunrises are spectacular (see pics)