Saturday 27th October

The number of swans on the long pond grew to eight, not including the resident pair on the fishing pond.
A flock of about 400 Jackdaws flew over this morning, collective noun "Clattering" which is very appropriate.
We still are seeing Jays at the feeder, see photo with it’s favourite food.
This time of year is excellent for seeing fungi, and came across a colony yesterday.

Bob and Bri

Visiting Swans

There have been the odd couple of swans dropping in now and then but this weekend there were seven, and normally the resident pair just harass the visitors until they leave. This morning there was a truce, while they all fed, see photos.


Wednesday 10th October

It was reported to be the warmest October day for a few years and there were a few butterflies taking advantage, a few Small Copper on the reserve and in the garden, I counted 8 Red Admirals on one plant. Also a few Common Darter dragonfly were hunting through the swarms of insects.
Two young swans were paying a visit, could be from a previous brood, one on the fishing pond and one on the long pond , which proved to be a bad choice, as it was being harassed by the resident female, see photos.
Teal are now here,and in the early morning enjoy sitting around the edges of the various small islands in the long pond, to catch the warmth of the sun.
A Cormorant on the fishing pond had eaten too much this morning it was too heavy to take off, see photo.