Dune Restoration

Last year a small area of dunes were cleared of trees and scrub by the WREN project, see photo, taken after completion. Today the same area is completely flooded, see photo.

Bob and Bri

What is this bright light

Oh it’s the sun. Our first sight for a long time, the ground is still very wet and many parts of the new paths installed last year are under water, hopefully the next few dry days will dry them out.

A couple of shots taken this morning, one of Blackcombe, before sunrise and the other of the Townhall with the sun rising.

We had a visit by two Greenfinch this morning, not previously seen at the feeders this season.

Bob and Bri

Latest news on the Swans

The adult pair have moved down onto the the three ponds around and including the fishing pond, and at the moment still have one of the cygnets following them around.

The cygnet that had a bad leg/wing finally started to fly this week and today had left the area.

This year has been very good for the new pair, with five cygnets being hatched and only one being predated, it is the best for about ten years. The success could be due to the new parents or the erection of the fence, preventing them roaming between ponds and getting left behind or easy prey to the many predators.

One of which is the heron, photoraphed today on the long pond.

Bob and Bri

Loose Ferret

Today the dogs found a very angry ferret in a clump of heather, and it sounded like the one they found abourt three weeks ago, (not actually seen). As can be seen from the limited photo, it is only small and not big enough or the right colour, to be what we thought was a black Mink, spotted on the 8th Dec.

If these two animals manage to survive the winter, they will certainly cause serious damage to th ground nesting birds in the spring.

Bob and Bri