Storm Damage 3rd Jan

The storm has severely weakened the path, as can be seen in the photos. Before it hit, the beach pebbles were level with the path and now they have been washed away and the path undercut up to 3 feet in places. Building the stone barrage to protect the chalets has achieved one problem but created another, it’s only a matter of time and the wall protecting the field will be undermined.

A couple of other shots attached, one of four Skylarks feeding in the field behind the wall and another of the Memorial gate with the sun rising.

Bob and Bri

Tuesday 12th Dec

The ice on the ponds has thickened up to approximately 25mm, all the ducks, swans and cygnets on the long pond, have been confined to an area about ten foot in diameter. See photographs, hopefully.

Bob and Bri

Clear Crisp Day

The Isle of Man or could be the Isle of White, was clearly visible this morning and so were the mountains in Wales, see photos.

Our own mountains were covered in snow and looked very picturesque, photo taken across the field with cows in the foreground, it was cold last night but they will have to endure a colder one tonight.

We also passed a couple of Mistle Thrush on posts at the bottom end of the long pond.

Bob and Bri

Sunday 3rd December

As mentioned last week there are a couple of Jays following the feeders but only one visits at a time, and this morning we counted the peanuts eaten at each visit as follows, 12, 15 and 15, whether it’s the same or two different birds, it still a lot of peanuts.

A Cormorant was having a good wash in the fishing pond before taking off, see photos.

Bob and Bri