Tuesday 28th March

The Willow are just starting to bud and the Blue-tits are taking the opportunity to have a change of diet.

A couple of Blackbirds were performing a mating ritual, we have not seen before, similar to old time dancing. Only managed to get a shot of the male, the female was just out of shot behind the grass but behaving the same way.

A few pair of Stonechats have stayed and survived the mild but wet winter.

Bob and Bri

Monday 27th March

Another gorgeous day, the skylarks were out competing for best song, and Reed Buntings with not such a great song, except to another Bunting, were also about in good numbers.

The tide was just reaching the stones and the waders were all having a well earned rest.

Bob and Bri

Frog Spawn

Today we went to check how the spawn, found a few weeks ago in the northern most square pond, was progressing, not very well, most of it is out of reach but the one clump we did lift up was nearly bare of any tadpoles and full of leeches having a good feast.

At this stage they are easy prey, and the only advantage is the number of clumps.

A Little Egret has been on the long pond for a few weeks now, see photo.

Bob and Bri

Harlequin Ladybird

Another beautiful warm sunny day and found a Harlequin ladybird on the front door, this alien only arrived in the UK in 2004 and is spreading fast, it arrived in the US in1988 and is now the most widespread ladybird species on the continent.

Our little friend arrived again this morning and was not phased by myself or the dog.

Bob and Bri

Visitor at the feeders

What a change this morning,no rain, the last few weeks have left the area is covered in pools and the fields are deep in mud, so it was a delight to actually have a view of the hills today.

We had a little visitor at the feeders this morning, it came from behind the seat, across the path to collect the food, then return the same way, see photos.

Over the past few weeks, we have watched the ducks sparring and squabbling over mates, and did find one duck egg in a pool last week, so there should be some early broods this year.
The swans have been building their nest and the female has been sitting for past few days, which is much earlier than last year.

Bob and Bri


15th March 2017 and a lovely Spring morning: skylarks singing, meadow pipits displaying and reed buntings on bushes everywhere. Heard my first chiffchaff of the year singing in bushes by the ‘car pool’. Thought I had spotted it but there was a goldcrest flitting about in the same area. Few toads still on the move and saw one clump of frogspawn in a pool just north of the main pool, tadpoles already wriggling. I saw these tiny stalked puffballs growing on the dunes. I haven’t seen them before. As the tide came closer in, there were numbers of sanderling with a few dunlin and grey plover.


Common Toads Emerge from Hibernation

Emerging early has it’s risks, the path was littered with the remains of toads, some only opened up enough to extract the selected organs, but others, only the skin remained. Badgers probably have a good feed at night and then the Carrion crows continue during the day.

Found our first dollop of Frog spawn in one of the new ponds.

Phil put us onto a skeleton of a Porpoise stuck in a fence near the Badger set, it appears they tried to drag it to the set but then got stuck in fence, but it never went to waste.

Bob and Bri

War Memorial

In addition to the numbers on the top of the wall, a memorial plaque (No 1) has been laid on the ground, just inside the reserve, adjacent the new gate with the birds.

see photos.

Bob and Bri