Dune Restoration

Took a shot of what appears to be the finished job, the birds returning from their long journey south are going to be in for a big surprise.

While checking one of the owl boxes this afternoon, spotted a Blue Tit considering one of the smaller boxes.

There were three male Reed Buntings at the feeders today, managed a shot of one.

Bob and Bri

Sunday 22nd February

With the loss of one pair of swans from the ponds we have now been have two new pairs trying to lay claim, and the younger pair were being encouraged to leave by the older cob , see photo.

Long-tailed tits are still frequent visitors to the feeders, see photos.

Bob and Bri

Friday 20th February

The cows were all in the area of the new salt licks this morning, they are all docile animals but just seeing cows puts some people off walking round the paths.

There were six Robins perched in the trees this morning, taking turns to fly down and pick up some newly delivered seed, one is pictured enjoying the morning sun and having a good preen.

The new pair of swans are still on the long pond, but this morning on the way back two more had dropped in on the fishing pond and the cob had a length of fishing line caught in it’s mouth and around the body. It did not come close enough to catch, but if it is still there tomorrow we will try again.

Bob and Bri

New Pair of Swans

On Sunday there were two new swans on the fishing pond and the original pen and one cygnet on the long pond, which were also there yesterday. Today the pen and her cygnet were gone and the two new swans were on the long pond.

Bob and Bri

New Fences around Natterjack Ponds

A new fence has been erected, see photos. to protect the Natterjack pond from grazing cattle. When the cows wade through for a drink or to keep cool, they can disturb or damage the toad strings and also deposit waste, which encourages the growth of the thick green algae.

Monitoring over the next few years hopefully will see an increase in the number of strings followed by larger numbers of toadlets.

Bob and Bri

12 February, 2015 21:30

Last week Bri took a photo of the three cows similar to this one and looking to the Coniston fells. The next day I climbed to the top of The Old Man of Coniston and took an image of the view looking back to Walney Island. You can just see the outline of the island in the hazy distance. It was a good day but the temperature at the top was about -15 celsius with the wind chill. Freezing.


Bird Box results 2014

We have a total of 11 bird boxes mounted in the willow tree area all are for tit size birds except one, which is specifically for woodpecker.

There were 7 out of the ten successes with no eggs or dead chicks found.

There were also 2 that were used by bees after the birds had fledged, probably the Buff-tailed bee, see photo.

It has been a very good year due to the long dry summer.

Bob and Bri

Thursday 5th February

The pen and her four cygnets were still in the small area of open water in the long pond when we passed but while sat on the seat at the feeders, four adults flew over toward the pond. On arriving back at the pond only the four cygnets remained, and shortly after when talking to Lew about them, he had seen five flying off, maybe she might come back with a new mate.

Bob and Bri

Tuesday 3rd February

It was a lovely bright and crisp morning, and reported as the coldest night of this winter. The ponds were frozen up but there was a small area in the long pond free from ice where all the birds were congregating, Swans, Tufted, Mallard and just on the side of the hole, out of shot, were 20 plus Teal, as we were leaving five Gadwall dropped in.

An update on the swans;- one of the regular walkers on Saturday, spotted the four cygnets on the fishing pond ( we noted all six there early in the morning), and both the parent birds were walking in the long grass, between the Airfield fence and the new one, towards the channel. ( it was where we found the carcass)

It could be that the pair decided to walk the path from the fishing pond to the long one but would not have realised that the new fence blocked the way, and on reaching it tried to navigate a way around and unfortunately once they moved off the path into the very rough ground, taking off to escape any predator, would be impossible.

Bob and Bri