Thursday 15th October

The silence of the beautiful autumn morning was interrupted by a very noisy helicopter waiting to take off from the airfield, but after it disappeared over the horizon, the reason for the daily walks soon became apparent.

Nothing out of the ordinary to report, a few photos taken of different birds on the way round.

Bob and Bri

Tuesday 13th October

Another quiet and still autumn morning as can be seen from the photo of the cow, but which is the real one?

We started feeding the birds last week but still no sign of the bullfinches, it will probably take a while for the word to spread.

There are Red Admirals everywhere, it’s been a bumper year for them.

Bob and Bri

Short Eared Owl

This morning it was a very pleasant sight, we have not seen one of these for over 12 months but this morning it lifted out, very slowly, from the long grass between the airfield and new cattle fences. They used to be regular occurrence at this time of year but since the cattle grazing has reduced their preferred habitat, it is assumed that they have found better cover somewhere else.

Also at this time of year we see lots of webs and today, one on a gorse bush, contained what looked like a small bug. Any clues as what this is/was would be greatly appreciated.

Bob and Bri

Nest Boxes

This has been the best year since installation in 2005, all ten were used.

Three boxes had eggs not hatched and the one in an old pear tree had three eggs, two smaller than the third, see photo, probably first tenant was a Great tit, which left one egg, the larger of the three, plus one dead young , and then followed by Blue tits which did not hatch the two smaller ones.

One other box is presently occupied by a bee colony, which have moved in after a Blue tit moved out.


Thursday 1st October

The winter visitors are arriving at the bird feeders, we will probably start next week the regular daily top up, but some other kind person has fitted a new feeder, which is attracting the first birds, see photos.

The swan and it’s cygnets tried t6o cross over from the long pond to the smaller one across the path but fortunately, it was stopped by the fence. (photo taken of the group returning to the long pond)

The calf of the British White Cow was enjoying a bit of motherly comfort this morning.