Wednesday 30th May

Fairly quiet morning today, no sign of the short eared owl, yesterday we had a very good sighting, and no cuckoo either not been seen or heard for about a week now.
The swans still have all the cygnets, they are doing very well this year.
We caught a quick view of a roe buck, it barked just once and was off, a b doe was probably about but we did not see her. Pics of him in full flight.
Yesterday we saw a young robin it has been around the feeders for a few days now, must have been a really early clutch.

Bob and Bri

Tuesday 29th Pics of Taddies

Pics of the taddies are attached, if only 10% make to froglets it’s a lot.
This pm butterflies were everywhere, common blue, small copper and a few dingy skippers.
Damselflies are emerging, common blue and blue tailed with the large red still around, many four spot darters are also around all the ponds.



Hi, yesterday I spotted the short eared owl hunting over the heather moor and getting mobbed by a crow. Today with Bri we again saw it in the same location hunting away. Bri was trying to get a shot of it for the blog but was not succesful. We continued on our walk and we went to feed the swans and the cygnets at the north end of the long pond. As they were feeding on the bread we noticed a chain of tadpoles some 20 yards long some 2-3 ft from the bank. Some were indeed under the swans, a rough estimate would put the figure at 5,000 tadpoles. Hopefully Bri’s pics will do our observations justice….quite remarkable !

Posted by Bri and Bob

Tuesday 22nd May

We mentioned yesterday about butterflies and dragonflies and today we found a few common blues and lots of white varieties, came across this brand new Four Spot Chaser, really vibrant colours.
Also nearly stood on the Drinker Moth caterpillar, on the Cuckoo menu.
What about this Little Grebe the angle makes out to look like an alien.
Picture of Bob feeding the swans and cygnets, still four.
In the afternoon, went round Gillies, watched the Barn Owl hunting, it must have a few young it’s out regularly throughout the day.
On Gillies pond the mallard drake was having a great time, practicing for the Olympics.
On the north pond off 13 corner lane the large carp were spawning, spectacular to observe, lots of large splashes and very close to the edge, so they could be doing the same on the fishing pond.

Bob and Bri

Monday 21st May

Another gorgeous day, the swans still have their four cygnets which is good compared to previous years.
We watched a young Roe Buck for about 15 mins this morning, it seemed a bit lost and not sure where to go, last seen heading towards the north end.
The leaves on the willow trees are getting perforated by a small green caterpillar, which is ideal food for numerous birds, we watched a Sedge Warbler carrying out acrobatics picking them off this morning.
This warm spell will hopefully bring out butterflies and dragonflies, spotted a Wall butterfly this afternoon.

Bob and Bri

Sunday 20th May

What a gorgeous day, Bob must have brought it back with him from bonny isle of Barra.
The swans were off the nest today and parading their four new off springs, not bad considering the hassle they had settling on a nest site.
Not heard the Cuckoo today but did yesterday in the same place as last Wednesday, so it must be staying in the area.
Lots of Sedge Warblers around this year, pic of one singing full blast.

Bob and Bri

Saturday 19th May

Another cold wet morning, can’t believe its only 33 days to the longest day. Two pair of Bullfinches were at the feeders today along with Goldfinches and Chaffinches and seeing them does brighten up the day.
Heard the Cuckoo again today, first time since Wednesday.
Yesterday Ian and i met Steve and Neil looking for Coralroot Orchids but without success, we stopped for half an hour but without any luck, this time last year we found two. Neil said on Sandscale they are out but smaller than normal.
There are quite a few Carrion Crows nesting on the reserve, and we have found quite a few egg shells from other birds already and these are the likely culprits.


Wednesday 16th May

A rare beautiful day in between the awful weather we are having this month and this afternoon had one of those special moments. A female Cuckoo has been seen on the site for a couple of weeks now, and this morning was the first time a male was heard calling. This afternoon both male and female were seen together, Ian and i watched for approx 1/2 an hour, watching one cuckoo is a lucky encounter but two together is fantastic, especially with the decreasing numbers, hopefully later this year we will see a few young ones. Attached are a few photos of the male and possibly the new parents!!
Also is a photo of a Heron seen landing on the fishing pond, and one of the three new calves born in the last few days, please keep well clear of the brown highland, she can be very aggressive.