Tuesday 22nd May

We mentioned yesterday about butterflies and dragonflies and today we found a few common blues and lots of white varieties, came across this brand new Four Spot Chaser, really vibrant colours.
Also nearly stood on the Drinker Moth caterpillar, on the Cuckoo menu.
What about this Little Grebe the angle makes out to look like an alien.
Picture of Bob feeding the swans and cygnets, still four.
In the afternoon, went round Gillies, watched the Barn Owl hunting, it must have a few young it’s out regularly throughout the day.
On Gillies pond the mallard drake was having a great time, practicing for the Olympics.
On the north pond off 13 corner lane the large carp were spawning, spectacular to observe, lots of large splashes and very close to the edge, so they could be doing the same on the fishing pond.

Bob and Bri