Monday 29th October

The rain yesterday has just topped up everywhere, it was just starting to dry out, now all the side paths are flooded again, wellies recommended.
The swans are still here but not seen on the long pond, today they landed in the channel at the north end of the island.
Brian must have been up yesterday and moved six cows and three calves into the fields, plenty of grass but not good quality.
At the feeders today there was a good variety of birds including a Jay, attached are a couple of shots with Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Male and Female Bullfinch, Blue tit and Coal tit.
The nuts at the other station is empty every day and yesterday we found a few rough hairs trapped in the wire, still not sure what is taking them.

Bob and Bri

Friday 26th October

A flock of about 70/80 Fieldfare and Redwings flew over while we were sat on the bench, and they landed in the trees adjacent the first field, when we reached the field they flew off north up the channel. A couple of years ago when we had the really cold spell the fields were often full with both Fieldfare and Redwings, but this year, because of the weather, Brian hasn’t been able to cut the grass.
Also while on the bench two woodpeckers flew over.
On the way back near the ramp there were Oystercatchers and Turnstones resting on the rocks just below the car park.
The swans and cygnets returned this afternoon, took off from the long pond and landed on the fishing pond, they have been away since 5th October.

Bob and Bri

Thursday 25th October

Another overcast day but quite a few interesting sightings, the female Stonechat was on the same tree, along the Airfield fence, as the other day, also in the afternoon there was a male Stonechat on top of a small bush in the middle of the heather moor, this maybe additional to the male the other day.
Just after seeing the Stonchat a flock of 14 Hooper swans flew east towards the channel and then turned south down the channel. See photo.
On the marsh there were at least four Little Egrets, they are difficult to count, when they land, immediately disappear into the gutters. A Heron was also on the marsh, which the Egrets soon spotted, and decided to invade it’s space, see photos.
Further down the marsh were three Roe deer, probably the same three Bob saw at the weekend, unfortunately they spotted me first which resulted in good photos of white bums.

Bob and Bri

North End Sightings,23rd Oct

Posted by Ian

Exiting day today,Airfield Manager calls,then arrives,Haverig Rescue call (must still have my no)Walney coastguards turn up,and the large yellow buoy dodging about off the west side of the Island still attracts attention!!.Seems this time it’s a yellow quad bike stuck on the sands (if only).

NB. Steve has put a new lock on the green barrier gate but already looks like someone has tried to rive it off; Same person that forces the pedestrian gates on the reserve??,they were forced open today.

Back to the Reserve; bullet points,its late now.

1, Short eared owls most days last week,three flying together on Friday.

2, Fox sighted most mornings but no this years cubs,where are they?

3, Between 10 and 20 long tailed tits in the bushes west of the long pond for the last three mornings.

4, Four (two pair?) gold crests in the trees by ponds 101/2 last few days.

5, Jan and myself have watched grey seals twice towards low water in scarth gutter.

6, Guillemots fishing among the the shoals of mullet close to shore in Thompsons gutter.

7, Badgers seem to be doing well ,their droppings are absolutely everywhere.they are rightly named by science as ‘super excretors’.

Have avoided the ‘paddy fields’ around the dispersal road and feeders for some weeks now,Brian does a great job and updates the blog most days but must learn to add 2+2 !.

Tuesday 23rd October

The woodpecker was still around yesterday afternoon and the nuts were empty at the second feeder, put two and two and get five, but it’s probably the culprit.
At the first feeders there were two Coal tits on the seed but only feeding one at a time, they don’t get on. They only like the sunflower seeds, discarding everything until one is found, see photo.
Also a few Goldfinches and one with coloured rings on the right leg, think it’s one of Colin’s from the south end.
There are still a few caterpillars around, found a couple of Wood Tigers, see photo, these will hibernate over winter and emerge next spring to pupate.
The badgers had been along the dispersal road looking for food, see photo of disturbance.

Bob and Bri


Quite a morning, walking by the airport fence Bri & I saw at least 16 long tailed tits. On the same tree there was also a male and a female stonechat. We have not seen many this year, let’s hope they will recover from their recent demise in numbers. At the feeders we saw a jay and a woodpecker just to round the morning off.

Bob & Bri


A beautiful sunny morning with a light mist at ground level. From the first field I could see three roe deer grazing on the salt marsh near to the reed beds close to the airfield. Unable to identify sexes due to looking into the bright sun and the light mist. They were about 500 yards away.
At the feeder there were 2 coal tits, 2 great tits, 4 blue tits, 2 robins, 1 dunnock, 7 chaffinches, 1 goldfinch, 2 M black birds, 1M – 2 F bull finches, 1M reed bunting and for the first time this autumn 3 greenfinch. On the way back 2 snipe took flight near to airfield and there were 4 teal on the long pond.


Friday 19th October

Another wet week, see Steve’s seat almost surrounded by water.
We are getting quite a lot of birds on the feeders, it’s worth a visit at any time of the day, one shot of a Coal Tit.
The high tides and easterly wind brought the ducks and waders close into the shore, see photo.
The bird counters were about on Sunday for the monthly check and they counted 29 Little Egret off North Scale, photo of one, there were three all together.

Bob and Bri

Thursday 11th October

First of all thanks to Ian and Chris for pointing out the deliberate mistake on the Monday posting, two photos were incorrectly titled, now attached corrected.
Came across a Silver Y moth on Tuesday, quite late in the year for these, it’s name comes from the Y on the wing.
We disturbed a Kestrel in the field this morning, it flew off carrying it’s kill. On inspection it turned out to be a small bird, see photo of feathers, possibly a female Chaffinch.
We have bee slowly checking out the bird boxes and in box No 5 there were the remains of a small bee hive. The first of the two pictures show the hive covered, this was how it was found, and the second reveals the honeycomb after removing a layer of moss . It appears the box was first used by a Blue Tit and then after they fledged the bees took over and when they left another bird started to build again. Last year we had a box very similar but some of the bees had died and some had not quite hatched, they turned out to be Buff Tailed variety.
Also during the checking of the boxes found freshly bored holes in a willow tree, possibly some kind of wasp.
Yesterday we saw a flight of Hooper swans on the way south, first we have seen this year.
Just off the dispersal road near the feeders, the dogs picked up a scent and it found what looks like a fox’s larder, a freshly dug up and well chewed bone.

Bob and Bri

Tuesday 9th October

Clear sunny days for a change ! We saw a roe buck grazing on the south end of salt marsh near to reed beds by airfield and to the north of the salt marsh a little egret was busy in a gully. 270 pink footed geese were flying south with their all too familiar cronking sound. As we approached the south feeder a male pheasant flew high out of a willow tree startling both of us. At the north feeder we saw 1 F bullfinch,1 coaltit,7 blue tits,3 great tits, 5 chafinches, 1 robin,1 M blackbird, 9 goldfinch and 1 F reed bunting. on the way bavk we saw a female merganser on the long pond.

Bri & Bob