North End Sightings,23rd Oct

Posted by Ian

Exiting day today,Airfield Manager calls,then arrives,Haverig Rescue call (must still have my no)Walney coastguards turn up,and the large yellow buoy dodging about off the west side of the Island still attracts attention!!.Seems this time it’s a yellow quad bike stuck on the sands (if only).

NB. Steve has put a new lock on the green barrier gate but already looks like someone has tried to rive it off; Same person that forces the pedestrian gates on the reserve??,they were forced open today.

Back to the Reserve; bullet points,its late now.

1, Short eared owls most days last week,three flying together on Friday.

2, Fox sighted most mornings but no this years cubs,where are they?

3, Between 10 and 20 long tailed tits in the bushes west of the long pond for the last three mornings.

4, Four (two pair?) gold crests in the trees by ponds 101/2 last few days.

5, Jan and myself have watched grey seals twice towards low water in scarth gutter.

6, Guillemots fishing among the the shoals of mullet close to shore in Thompsons gutter.

7, Badgers seem to be doing well ,their droppings are absolutely everywhere.they are rightly named by science as ‘super excretors’.

Have avoided the ‘paddy fields’ around the dispersal road and feeders for some weeks now,Brian does a great job and updates the blog most days but must learn to add 2+2 !.