Monday 29th December

A cold and frosty morning found what few duck there were, collecting in a small corner of the long pond that wasn’t covered in ice,

There has been a Cormorant on the fishing ponds most mornings but today there were two, lots of easy fish to be had.

There was a small covering of snow during the night, as can be seen on Blackcombe.

Bob and Bri

Winter in Lakeland

Hi, no snow here but just recently I took a walk from Coniston to Black Crag via Tarn Hows with friends.We decided to have a break on a bench seat and the robin landed and took bread crumbs from our hands.
Dramatic views that day too……a winter wonderland,

Seasons Greetings

From Bri & Bob

First Snows

First snow fell a week ago but it’s soon been washed away with the subsequent warm weather and buckets of rain.

Lots of migrant Robins have arrived and are regular visitors at the feeders, which leads to lots of squabbles, they spend more time chasing than feeding.

Bob and Bri