Thursday 12th March

The Common toads are starting to emerge from their winter sleep and being one of the first is not recommended, as can be seen from the attached photos. Probably Carrion Crow is the culprit and soon the paths will be littered with the remains, they prefer only the best organs and leave the rest.

Bob and Bri

Wednesday 11th March

The death of the male incumbent swan has created a nest site opportunity and there are two pair looking to take possession, one pair on the fishing pond and the other on the long pond.

The Herons have returned to the heronry, and we do not see them very often but this morning the smaller cousin, Little Egret, was on the long pond.

Bob and Bri

March 1st

It’s that time of year again when the bird breeding officially starts. Signs have been fixed to most gates requesting dogs to be kept on short leads. The cattle have been moved out of the new enclosure up to the old one and the main entrance gate locked open, the sheep have also been moved from the two fields into the old enclosure.

Al we require now are the birds.

Bob and Bri