Long tailed Tit with a ring

Over the last week there have bee a couple of Long Tailed tits visiting the feeders and yesterday a third one arrived and it was sporting a metal ring, unfortunately the photo is not clear enough to read any markings.

When the feeders are first topped up, the trees come alive with a good selection of birds, far too many to count, just a couple of photos of the usual.

The two cygnets and two adult swans disappeared for a few days but returned yesterday, one of the cygnets still cannot walk but can manage to take off and land ok.

Japanese Rose removal

Natural England have employed a contractor to remove Japanese Rose beds from the north of the Island This the third attempt to remove this rose, previous methods included hand digging out and chemical destruction.

The video link below was taken today and shows the machine in action, it appears to be clearing the area extremely efficiently but it only takes a small amount of root to remain and the plant is off again.

They have also took the opportunity to create three new Natterjack pond and enlarge existing ponds 100 and 101.


Bob and Bri

Porpoise and Swans

Hi, we were told about a dead porpoise washed up on the beach. We soon found it and believe the injuries
on its body were inflicted after being washed up by foxes and or badgers looking for a meal.
Bri has regularly been feeding the swan family with special swan and duck food for the last three months….they love it.
Bread is ok but too much is not beneficial to them.
Also just recently we have observed a number of long tailed tits visiting the feeders. They do not settle long…a minute
or so and then they are gone.

Bri & Bob

Damaged Seat

Having placed the cows back in the new fenced area they soon found the seating area and used one of the seat support posts for a good lean, but unfortunately the post lost.


Highland Cow eating heather

At the weekend, the cattle were put back into the new enclosure and yesterday we came across one of the Highland cattle eating the heather. One of the reasons they are are there in the first place was to remove the course grass and promote heather growth (back to school for this one)

Today we heard a Skylark singing and watched two having a bit of a squabble, see photo.

There was a small fall of snow on the tops last night, see photo.

Bob and Bri

Sparrow Hawk

Hi, with all the inclement weather of late photo opportunities have been rare on the reserve
However sat in my living room this afternoon I saw this Sparrow Hawk land on the back garden fence
and as it settled there for about three minutes I grabbed my camera and through a closed window I managed
to get a few images.
On the reserve the swan family are still there and the pond levels are rising with all the rain and a some of the paths are under water and other routes have to be taken……soon be spring

Bri & Bob