Roe Deer

Over the past few months we have been seeing three Roe deer together, they always manage to spot us before we spot them, but as can be seen from the video clip link below, they are quite content just to maintain a safe distance.

Bob and Bri

Christmas Morning

What a beautiful sunrise this morning, especially after the previous couple of days. The sun was just rising behind St James’s church and managed to take a nice photo, but when it was down loaded i noticed a little extra at the left hand side.

Have a great Christmas break and all the best for the new year.



We had a beautiful sunrise the other morning, see skyline photo of Barrow Town Hall and St Mary’s church spire.

Also had a Song Thrush sat in the willow tree near the feeders, not very often they venture so close.

Bob and Bri

Bad Storm

A bad storm struck the British Isles today, with extremely high winds, coinciding with high tides, managed to push the sea over the Promenade and the road adjacent Earnsy Bay Chalet Park, see photos attached.