More Hoopers

Just as we set off this morning a flight of five Hoopers passed over, this time they were all adults.

On the long pond a Heron and Little Egret were competing for food.

At the feeders we found the culprit that was devastating the peanuts, a Jay, with it’s large beak it could pick up six at a time.

We also spotted a fox again, this the third time in the last week, but it’s just too fast to take a photo.

Bob and Bri

Fist Snow of Winter

The weather has turned colder, with the wind coming from the arctic, it has brought the first dusting of snow on the mountain tops, and with it, the first Redwings.

The calves were making the best of the sunshine and sheltering from the wind at the same time.

On the way back, a Song Thrush perched on a bush, one of the few that over winter on the reserve.

Bob and Bri

Wednesday 18th Novemder

The weather forecast for the last few days has been horrendous but we have been very lucky and have missed it, until this morning, it’s now trying to catch up on the dry summer, and succeeding.

Just to prove a point there was a Coal Tit sheltering inside one of the feeders.

Yesterday we saw three Hooper swans, and can be seen from the photos, they were two adults and one cygnet.

The last two cygnets on the long pond are still with mum.

Bob and Bri

At the Feeders

The weather has been very poor over the last week but it hasn’t put the birds off the feeders, the usual suspects are here and a male Bullfinch turned up yesterday.

Bob and Bri

Swan Update

Very good news,the first two of the five cygnets started flying last weekend, and on Wednesday there were only two remaining with the pen, the male has been spending time away from the kids of and on for the last month. This morning there was only one with the pen, two on on one of the smaller ponds and the remains of one just off the path east of the main pond and one other missing.

This has been the most successful year for a very long time, most broods never last more than a few weeks, it could be due to the new fence, which prevents the swan wandering between ponds but also prevents access from the east side by predators. Unfortunately, it also works against them when taking their first flight, if they crash land outside the fence then they can’t return, leaving them vulnerable to predation.

Bob and Bri

Monday 2nd November

Still a few Goldfinch flocks but the numbers are falling and one reason could be the predation by hawks, we heard a distress call this morning and caught a glimpse of one leaving a bramble bush and the remains on top, see photos.

Spider’s intricately weaved webs are being highlighted by the misty days.

Bob and Bri

Autumn Fungi

This year has been very good for mushrooms and even now there are plenty of the field type but also the fungi are enjoying a great year,, have a walk through the second gate and view the various species.

Bob and Bri