Thursday 29th May

Mother and calf are doing fine, born just two weeks ago, the other three are a few weeks older and can be seen lazing in the morning sun and then calling on there new mate.

Bob and Bri

Wednesday 29th May

The family of swans lost one of the cygnets on Saturday night transferring from the fishing pond up to the long pond, and today they had moved again to a smaller pond but all six remaining cygnets are still OK. There were also another two swans and a cygnet from last year visiting one of the other ponds.

Lots of Damselflies about at the moment, this warm weather certainly fetching them out, and when dipping the ponds for natterjack tadpoles the net is always full of larvae.

Beau was not sure if the Puffball was real or not.

Bob and Bri

Thursday 22nd May

Yesterday must have been the warmest day this year, lots of Immature Common Blue Damselflies, Four Spot chasers, moths and Butterflies, found an ideal spot in a dip at the west side of the rifle butts.

We also came across a little fat froglet, doesn’t look like a common type, see photo.

This years seven cygnets made an appearance on the fishing pond this morning, same number as last year, just hope they have better luck than, none survived last year.

Bob and Brian

Great Tit Nest

The Great Tit is back nesting in an old stump of a tree behind Gillies pond, only 10 yards from the Sparrow Hawk’s nest, watched today as it carried food for the young.


Calf being born

On our way up this morning Ian told us that some of Brian’s cows were out of the enclosure and he had phoned Bri to let him know. When we arrived at the first gate Bri was still trying to find them, eventually found them at the curved seat. While we were gassing, like old folks can, one of the cows had a calf, and it was on it’s feet within 15mins, see sequence of shots 1 to 13. Notice the other calf in the first shots and it’s mother the Blond Highland, it was born a couple of nights ago and when we passed through, the next morning, to check the ponds, it wasn’t pleased. Didn’t know we could still run !!

Bob and Bri

Tuesday 13th May


Lots around at the moment, The Wall, are starting to emerge in great numbers, saw my first Small Copper yesterday, and a Lead Belle moth.

Bird Song

Each day we are greeted by the chorus of Warblers and a lonely Song Thrush, who sits on the same bush every morning.

Sparrow Hawks

The pair have returned to the same spot for the last four years and have now started sitting this year, she is incubating while he stands and keeps watch.

Tufted Duck

Quite a few pairs still on the long pond but they are not yet sitting, last year we had two successful broods.

Bob annd Bri

5 May, 2014 16:45

5th May 2014
Visited Gillies this morning. There was a sedge warbler singing in a willow near the pond and a blackcap not far away. Further round, beyond the dense willows onto the scrubby area, a lesser whitethroat was singing and I eventually managed to see it. There were chiffchaffs and a male reed bunting performing its little three note song. Didn’t hear any grasshopper warblers but one was singing there last week.
Jenny England