28th September

The last of the swallows are taking advantage of the High Pressure and moving quickly through, we also spotted 3 Fieldfare passing through.
A pair of swans have arrived on the long pond and after a long battle, the resident pair lost, and have now been relegated to the smaller ponds.
Still quite a few Red Admirals about and the odd Small Copper.
Goldfinches numbers are down again but found a few feeding in the grass on the tip.
Once again with a clear view of the hills we can appreciate what a beautiful this is.


18th Sept

Not much to report at the moment,most of the summer visitors are on the way south, Swallows in the stable had two broods this year but unfortunately, even with the help of the first brood, they had to leave two behind to die in the nest.
There is an unusual coloured Carrion Crow often seen on West Shore Road. it looks like it has been crossed with a Magpie, see photo.
On the way home this morning we came across a young Common Lizard on the path over the tip.
We have also seen a couple of Dragonflies flying around the area between the two small ponds, but difficult to confirm, but appear to be similar to Southern Hawkers.

Bob and Bri