Elephant Hawk Moth

Have been putting the moth trap in the garden for the last couple of nights and this warm spell is providing a good variation and one of the regulars is the Elephant Hawk moth, the shape and colour are so distinctive.


Yellow Bartsia

The Yellow Bartsia grows in quite a few places on the reserve and times vary, but at the moment there are a few plants on the large island in the long pond, best accessed from the west side in good boots or wellies.

At the same vicinity but on another island is one of a new pair of swans sitting in her nest, and due to their late start, it’s going to be another 10 to 14 days before they hatch.


Family of Linnets

There have been a few Linnets in the field, after the Chalet park, all season, and yesterday there was a male about to feed one of the three young on the fence, see photos.

The Bee Orchids are now out on the old tip, it looks like a good season, found three areas there are probably more. One that is easy to find is on the right of the new middle path over the top of the tip, it has already been marked out with canes and tape.

A heron was on the fishing pond this morning but more interested in preening than fishing.


Saturday 13th June

The two male Reed Warblers are singing every morning in diagonal opposite corners of the fishing pond and this morning a third appeared together with one in the corner nearest the old tip, probably it’s mate.

The long horn moths are out and about, managed a shot of some under the feeder tray, see the males dancing is magical.

The eider ducks are congregating into flocks and now is the time to see the creche of young.


Sparrow Hawks

Last year they were disturbed and moved elsewhere but this year they are back nesting again in the trees behind Gillies pond, it looks like they have hatched and the photo shows her resting on the edge of the nest.


Bee Orchid

This warm spell seems to have brought everything out from hiding, there are about a dozen Bee Orchids on the Airfield just inside the right of Gate 4, they were about to open, see photo, not had a good look around the tip yet.

The Common Blue and Blue-tailed damselflies are now emerging.

Lots of small butterflies, the Common Blue, Dingy Skipper, Small Heath and Small Copper are out in large numbers.

Young Carrion crow and Magpies have now fledged and no doubt will take a few of the smaller young birds.

Bob and Bri