Paths under water

The reserve is suffering with excess water but not as bad as other parts of the country, we have been very lucky here. Every where is water logged and the rain has nowhere to go, we need a few dry days to allow it to drain away but that looks unlikely in the near future.
A couple of photos attached of the path from the fields.
The Coastal path signs have been erected and the path officially opened on the 11th Feb, but there are a few posts still not marked, the rules of he reserve have completely changed, more on that in the future, hopefully when everything has been completed.

Bob and Bri

Road Closed

The path past the chalet park has now eroded to such an extent, barriers were erected yesterday, to prevent access and this morning we found them open. As can be seen by the photos, the remaining path is extremely narrow and is undercut, it requires a more substantial barrier before it disappears completely.
Attached is a small video of birds on Geoff’s seat and one of the Male Bullfinches has really bad fungus on both legs, it can be seen very carefully trying to land, they must be quiet painful but it still has a good appetite.

Bob and Briicon_10_generic_list.pngSlow motion video Geoff’s seat 13th Feb 2020.avix_8px.png

Storm Ciara damage 10th Feb

It must have been frightening listening to the storm last night, especially in the Chalets next to the road, no large pebbles were thrown up onto the road but further along, immediately past the reinforcement rocks, it certainly ravaged the rough path, see photos. There is still enough room for a car to drive up, but the next major storm and it will take the path and field wall down.

Bob and Bri