Young Bullfinch

Three young bullies have been visiting the feeders over the past week, nice to see a success hope there will be more.

We were only talking the other day, after seeing the Cuckoo, there has been no sign of any furry caterpillars but yesterday we found a Drinker and today there was a 100mm long Oak Eggar.

It’s still cool in the mornings but there were a couple of Small Copper about.

Bob and Bri

Cuckoo first sighting

While sat at the feeders this morning a cuckoo flew past and landed on one of posts of the new fence, then dropped to the ground, picked up some food and back to the post. after a short time it flew off but returned to the same post a few minutes later.

Only had the small camera but managed a shot, it did not call but looks to be a male.

Bob and Bri

Sunday 17th May

We are coming to the end of this winters feeding and will recommence in October, and this morning there were more Bullfinches than we have seen all winter, could be because the other feeding station is empty and they all came to the only shop open.

Bob and Bri

Friday 15th May

We have had a few bright but cool mornings, but the afternoons have warmed up enough to tempt out a few butterflies, a dishevelled Peacock was snapped yesterday, probably just emerged from hibernation.

Quite a few Whitethroats are bout this year, managed to catch one singing this morning.

Oystercatchers are often seen on the long pond, these two snapped this morning appear to be getting ready to nest.

Grazing of the reserve has been ongoing for some time now and the rank vegetation has been significantly reduced but flowers are still few in number, managed to find some nice Wild Pansy, which look even better against the background grass.

The Natterjack spawn strings have not grown in number but the photo shows how quickly the tadpoles have grown in a week.

Bob and Bri

13th May 2015

A few swifts have arrived and were feeding with a flock of swallows on one of the small pond across the path from the long pond.

The Large Red Damselfly has emerged and can be found along the path between the tip and the fishing pond.

One lonely Reed Warbler has arrived on the fishing pond, which is one better than last year.

Bob and Bri

Thursday 7th May

We found the first Natterjack string this morning, approximately four weeks later than previous earliest, hope this is just because of the cold weather and there are a lot more to come.

There are two pair of swans on the reserve, one on the fishing pond, the female maybe the original and now has a new partner, the other pair are on the long pond but are a bit timid and keep their distance, we have just had confirmation the female was ringed on Ormsgill reservoir in 2011. No sign of either pair nesting.

Reed Warblers that normally visit the fishing pond, have not arrived yet.

A Cuckoo was sighted in the sand dunes last week but nothing since, they usually arrive in the Willow tree area any time now

Bob and Brian

Friday 1st May

A new seat, overlooking the Irish sea, with all those beautiful turbines, has been built on a section of the new paths on the top of the old tip. see photo.

Just read Jenny’s blog re the Sparrow Hawks, and yesterday i came across one of them, sitting on a very low branch about five yards away, sat in a sun trap watching anyone walking on the path. It was a bit shy and when it saw the camera moved off further into the trees, managed to take a couple of photos but it was well hidden by the leaves.