A couple of very nice photos of a Goldcrest, taken by Tony, these little birds are always on the go and usually in thick undergrowth and are very difficult to capture



Young Barn Owls

Another of Tony’ photos, shows three young Barn Owls patiently waiting for the return of a parent with food. Voles must have been plentiful this year as all three look very healthy.
The one frequenting the reserve is probably from this group.


Sunset at Earnse Bay

A beautiful sunset over Earnse Bay, which once contained an uninterrupted view of the horizon, and with no chance of it being returned in our life time.

This morning was cold and frosty, and the sky was filled with the vapour trails from passanger jets.

Bob and Bri

Young Barn Owl

A young Barn Owl has been seen quite regularly, hunting over the tip, airfield and the rough area towards the channel, often in the rain and in the afternoon. This morning it was caught in a heavy downpour, just hope it has managed to find a dry shelter and quickly learns, hunting in the rain is detrimental.

Bob and Bri


This week as we have driven up the path, the tides have just been in the right position to see Turnstone, Grey Plover, Redshank and Oystercatcher feeding on the tide edge and when it reaches the stones they fly off to another area.

We also put up a Cormorant off the fishing pond, judging by it’s take off speed , it can’t have had much luck.

Also today there were nine Hooper or Bewick swans on the channel sand, difficult to identify at the distance,m and on the walk back two more flew past flying north.

Bob and Bri

Lone Whooper Swan

Yesterday, joining the local Mute swans was a lone Whooper, must have just dropped in for a rest, it was not there today. This time of year we often see small groups flying south and very occasionally the odd one or two drop in for a break.

Bob and Bri