Monday 31st March

We had a pleasant walk this morning, still a cold easterly wind and with it being Summer Time, the sun is only just getting up.

Saw our first Swallow over the tip.

Took a quick shot of a bird on a gorse bush, it looks like a Bunting but what type, the primaries are edged white.

The swans were having an intimate time as we passed, hopefully they will have a better brood this year..

Bob and Bri

Sunday 30th March

First really warm day this year and it tempted out a few butterflies and bees,

On the way to the feeders a Barn Owl was hunting, first time we have seen one since the storm in December, after leaving the feeders it was spotted again carrying a vole and flew towards one of the boxes, fitted with a camera. It must be a little shy, standing nearly out of shot on the right hand side.

Also this morning there were flocks of Meadow Pipits


Dead Buzzard

On our check of the Natterjack ponds earlier this week we found a dead Buzzard near pond 31. It is not very often we see Buzzards over Walney, they normally remain on the other side of the channel, this one may have been poisoned , see photos.

Caught a Robin on a feeder in the garden, doing an impression of a humming bird.

Bob and Bri

Art Gene Grant

Art Gene have won a grant of £97000 to develop the north end of Walney in the area of the first world war practice trench and the gun range, see the attached link :-

The castellated trench and gun range can be seen on the Google maps, attached

Unfortunately since they carried out the initial survey, the target pulley wheels and support frames, which have stood there for 70+ years, were stolen.


1st March

This warm spell has certainly brought the birds out singing, see attached photos. Also a pair of Blackbirds are well on with building the nest.

Tony also sent in a lovely photo of a squabble between a Green Finch and Great Tit.

Bob and Bri