Sunday 29th June

The last couple of days has seen the temperature drop and the Dragonfly and Damselfly population gone into hiding but today it has warmed up again and with little wind the ponds have come back to life, managed to capture an Emperor while patrolling his territory.

This year has been really good for the Skylarks and Meadow Pipits, there are plenty to see at the moment especially over the area of the old VSEL tips, photo of a Meadow Pipit showing the lethal long back claw.


25 June, 2014 17:29

25th June
We had a day over in Silverdale at Gait Barrows reserve and the nearby Haweswater. Saw lots of orchids, including the very rare lady’s slipper orchid which has been successfully reintroduced. It was very late in the season but one plant still flowering. Also the dark red helleborine growing in crevices in the limestone pavement as are many other flowers. Although rather dull, there were lots of ringlet butterflies, a few large skippers and one or two graylings. It is a fascinating area. Fragrant orchids grow by Haweswater along with birds-eye primrose, now almost finished.
Jenny England

Tuesday 24th June

This season we have not yet seen the young deer but have found a few signs, and the other day, did come across a mature buck with an excellent set of points.

Bob and Bri


Hi, took the two images in my back garden as the male is feeding these the female is sitting on another clutch of eggs….very busy parents !!


Thursday 18th June

This warm spell has brought out a good variety of butterflies and plenty can be found in the two fields.

Lots of young birds also to be seen, snapped a few over the last couple of days.

Bob and Bri

13 June, 2014 20:32

13th June
A few days ago I was at Sandscale Haws. It was a beautiful calm sunny day, excellent for butterflies. Lots of common blues and a few small heaths. Also day-flying moths, including the Mother Shipton and cinnabar..
Wild flowers are very varied now and much as I have seen at North Walney on past visits: wild pansies, various orchids and the lovely sea bindweed plus some little sand dune specialists such as sand catstail among the grasses.
Lots of whitethroat families, few sedge warblers and a male stonechat.
Jenny England

Friday 13th June

Yesterday afternoon, had a look around the rough ground south of the fields, it’s just a small area where the Pearl-bordered Fritillary fly.counted only three but it maybe just the first to emerge. Last year, due to the very cold and wet spell, we did not find any and in the past they have been up in the twenties.

Found a couple of interesting moths in the garden the other night, a Puss moth and a Buff Tip which just looks like a twig.


Thursday 12th June

We found our first Bee Orchids this year, normally there are plenty on the old VSEL tip but not this year, No 3 on the map was the only one, the others were found adjacent Gate 4 of the airfield, one on the outside, No2 and the four or five on the inside No1.

We also came across a Moorhen’s egg that had been eaten by Carrion Crows.

Bob and Bri