Lots of Goldfinch

The goldfinch are now in flocks looking for the best seed, one flock of about 50 is in the area just before the tip and the other approx 200 is in the first field. One photo of a couple feeding on Ragwort is attached.

A few Tufted have arrived back on the long pond, see shot of a male in the eclipse stage.

Also arrived back are the Herons, which are often seen on the fishing and long ponds.

Bob and Bri

Spot the real one

A Wheatear perched first on a post then on one of the camouflage birds on the new gate, see photo.

We have just finished checking and cleaning the bird boxes, not one of the best years, but six nested and flew and left a total of 6 eggs between them, three were abandoned and one, a Great Tit, left 5 eggs, probably due to a Magpie’s nest 3 foot above and the last box had a large hole ripped into the bottom and side.

Bob and Bri