Fishing Friends

Over the last two weeks these two appear to have become good buddies, they are at the pond every morning, sometimes stood on the bank, as in the photo and other times both will be fishing.

On the way back over the tip we came across a well fed frog, with this warm weather there are plenty of insects to feed upon.

Bob and Bri

Autumn Harvest

Posted by Ian

This year has seen us have the best summer in a long time and nature has provided some good foraging for both birdlife and ourselves.

With the onset of rain the blackberries have all but disappeared but have been replaced by the best field mushroom crop in years (see pic)

Barn Owl News

Posted by Ian

A spectacular summer this year which resulted in one of our owl boxes attracted a breeding pair of owls .

The pair raised five young all varying in weight and size by the time they were rung in June by World Owl Trust Staff,ably assisted by ourselves (see pics).

They were monitored over the weeks but eventually one disappeared off camera and one lay dead on the box floor.

The remaining three thrived and are now flying around the reserve occupying the various other boxes during the day.

An old box which was replaced last week had been home to one of the owls which flew off as work commenced.

This years’ breeding box was cleaned out which confirmed that two of the owlets had died during development.

A further box was checked and its’ use confirmed as another owl flew out on being disturbed.

How long they all will stay on the Reserve remains to be seen but lets hope the breeding pair are here for the long term.

On a different note, in the south of the Island this week I spotted a painted lady butterfly,first for a year or so.