A new gate and another surprise

I must admit that even after being warned of a major change, by Bob this morning, the first sighting of the gate did create bit of a "Victor Meldew" moment.

Are they losing the plot, if this is still a nature reserve, wouldn’t the money be better spent on creating an environment to attract real birds, and worst still, the camouflage paint is not working !!

Bob and Bri

Numbers in front of rifle butts

This week a set of large, plate metal numbers, 1 to 7, have been erected on top of the protection wall in front of the butts, on top of each number are small birds and animals, see photos.

The numbers are facing the tip bur are hidden by tall grass and brambles, assume work is still on going, but as usual there are no signs to say what, why and by whom.

Bob and Bri

Apple tree cut down

The tree cutting continues, and the last couple of days they have been chipping up the cuttings and now the remains of the apple tree can be clearly seen, why they have cut this particular tree down is baffling. It is the only one to be cut in the immediate area and nothing else has been touched, looking at the rings of the remains, it must have been 35 to 40 years old.

Bob and Bri

Early Activity

With this mild winter the animals are starting early, spotted a Great tit inspecting one of the boxes and then we found a Common toadlet on the move.

Bob and Bri

Monday 13th Feb

At last. the days are starting to draw out and as the sun rose in the east a large moon set in the west, and due to the large ebb the channel was well uncovered, with lots of gulls looking for fresh pickings. A flock of 12 Cormorants flew over, heading from the shore, after a nights feeding, towards Cavendish dock for a rest.

A few flocks of waders were on the move flying from the south of the Island to the north.

The tree felling continues, work was still ongoing in the area before the tip, but there are still plenty of trees marked on the reserve, not yet cut.

Bob and Bri

Update Tree Felling

According to one of the subcontractors from Conservefor, they are clearing trees and shrubs from areas encroaching the heather moor for Natural England.They have been working in the area just before the tip, don’t know if this means NE have now control over this area. When the paths were being laid a couple of years ago, we were informed by the then subcontractor, NE would take over once the paths were completed, maybe it has happened, we will keep a look out for the new signs.
Trying to encourage new growth of heather at the edges does not go with allowing cattle to graze it at the same time, see photo.
Found some black toadstool between the feeders today look like they are Turf Mottlegills,must be the mild winter.

Bob and Bri

Tree felling

Contractors have been carrying out tree felling in the area between the new fence and the first pool and also on the hard standing at the east of the same location. They have also been in the area just north of the horse field and cut down one of the old apple trees.

We thought it was part of the new coastal path but according to the Natural England site, the decision to go ahead is not due until this summer. (https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/england-coast-path-walney-island )

The Snowdrops are now in bloom but the numbers are falling due to the cattle walking over and trying to eat them.

Bob and Bri