Kestrel on the Hunt

Yesterday after noon on the walk out, a small falcon sat on a fence post in the second field, see the photo, it was along shot and the bird took off just after. Looking at the photo I think it could have been a Hobby, one of their favourite prey are dragonflies and this area is alive with Common Darter at the moment.

On the way back a Kestrel out hunting spotted a possible meal, see sequence of shots as it stooped to attack.


Bunches of Flowers

They are blooming well this year,

Blue, Harebells, and Sea Holly,

Pink, Rosebay Willowherb,

Purple, Wild Thyme,

Yellow, Tansy, Ragwort,Meadow Vetchling and Commopn Toadflax.

The Marsh Helleborine situated in the area inside the new fence, north of the Butts, is presently in flower. Not as many as normal due to all the standing water earlier in the season.


Thursday 14th July

The channel side is bloom of purple Sea Lavender and the buzz of the bumble bees is immense, not something you hear much these days.

There were a few butterflies about today, which is another creature that has been not been seen much this year. One in the sand dunes was only settling for short periods and did so with it’s wings folded, put it down to a Meadow Brown but as can be seen from the photo it has a couple of spots on the wings, not sure what it is now.

The other one was spotted in the field and it had it’s wings open.

Bob and Bri

Relaxing Blackbird

This morning at the seat, a male blackbird hopped out from the undergrowth, lay down and soaked up the warmth of the morning sun. He was probably thinking, all the kids have gone, just relax and take it easy.

Bob and Bri

Swan status

They are now down to four cygnets, on Monday there were six, Wednesday five and yesterday four. On Wednesday, four came out with the parents and it was about another five minutes before the fifth swam out of the reeds and it looked slightly unstable and under the weather but did join in the others eating the food.

This similar to what happened in September of 2014, when the cygnets were much older, at the time, they looked small for their age, generally under nourished and disappeared one by one.

We will keep monitoring the family and update the site accordingly.

Bob and Bri

Garden Moths

With this nice warm weather there have been quite a few moths about, trying to identify them is not always easy and it is interesting to know how they obtained the English name, often doesn’t follow any logic.

Attached are a few photos of that do.


Yellow Bartsia

Today we found approximately 50 Yellow Bartsia plants growing on land reclaimed from Gorse bushes, which were removed to erect the new fence along the channel,

Bob and Bri

Latest snapshot of Owl Box No 1

Barn Owl sightings have been very short this year and even those from the tower are not out hunting as usual.So it was a surprise this morning to find a dead young bird in box No1, one owl must be using the box for storage and may even be coming from over the other side of the channel.

Bob annd Bri