Being watched

Brian has just added a few more cows and calves to the herd and yesterday they were all at the feeders and using the owl seat and table as rubbing posts, see pic/

Decided to wait on the path until they moved on and then noticed, while we were watching the cows, a fox was watching us, not perturbed by the dogs, when it decided had enough it slowly wandered off.

The male swan was on the fishing pond with the white mallard, see the likeness.

Bob and Bri

Swans are nesting

The same pair that successfully hatched five cygnets last year, are again sitting but this time in the same place as 2013, when they produced seven. If everything goes satisfactory, they should be due mid to late May.

Bob and Bri

Bees are busy

The honey bees have not been seen on the willow trees this year but they are out in great numbers on the Ground Willow blossom. The Bumble bees can be found on any blossom, including the dainty Wild Pansy, which is quiet plentiful amongst the sand dunes.

Two of last years cygnets were on the long pond, probably the first pair of the brood that flew off in November.

Bob and Bri

Grasshopper Warbler

We heard our first one yesterday but it only sang for a short spell and today it was virtually continuous but still very shy, managed one long distance photo of it singing.

A couple of Long-tailed tits paid a visit today, they come every year about breeding time.

Bob and Bri

Song Thrush hatched

On the path today we found the discarded half shell of a Song Thrush, it probably hatched yesterday, nice to see they are breeding. There are lots of small snails and they can be found all year round, and often also found are the anvils used to break up the snails, see photo.

The tide was well in on the walk back and a flock of Turnstones were enjoying a well earned rest.

Bob and Bri

New Natterjack Ponds

Hoping to halt the decline in natterjack numbers, twelve new ponds have been created this year, giving them a better variety of type and location. Had a walk round this morning and they are all looking good but no sign of natterjack activity as yet.

Brian’s sheep are lambing at the moment and came across this one sleeping in the sunshine, the Eiders are looking for mates at the moment and on a quiet morning the cooing can be heard along the length of the channel.

On the way back there were a couple of Wheater flitting from post to post.


Small Tortoiseshell

We have see the odd butterfly flitting about and took this shot of what appears to be a freshly emerged Small Tortoiseshell.

Bob and Bri