Sunday 19th January

We have lots of birds at the feeders,and just for a change we recorded them feeding on Geoff’s seat in slow motion, see attached video taken with a phone resting on the icon_10_generic_list.pngSlow motion video Geoff’s seat 19th Jan 2020.mp4x_8px.png
seat, it’s not the greatest quality but it gives a better view of how they feed, at normal speed they are just too fast.
Also can be seen is a Male Bullfinch with really bad fungus on it’s legs, and the bird noise sounds completely alien.

Bob and Bri

12th January 2020

Not much has changed on the ponds, still quite a few mallards and occasionally three to six Tufted, we have not seen the usual winter visitors, Mergansers or Pintail.

A lone male Swan has been a recent visitor, it could be the partner of the one that died last year.

The Bullfinch numbers at the feeders are rising there were 9 males the other day and we have a flock of Goldfinches waiting to be fed every morning, see snapshot from phone video attached.


30th Dec 2019

This will be last post for this year, with a couple of sunrises, which have been spectacular, but as soon as it appears the clouds descend and it’s back to dark and dismal.
Another shot of Goldfinches feeding on Niger seed on the ground under the feeders, others are on the hanging feeder, total flock af approximately 15 every day.

All the best for next year,
Bob and Bri