Coastal Path

Work appears to have started on the new coastal path, scrub has been cleared, starting at gate 4 and running along the airfield fence towards the channel, see photos. The path is supposed to open in the summer of this year, the above part is the only section of the agreed route that was not already a path, so now we await the new sign posts etc.

The number of Songthrush has on our daily route has doubled this year, normally it is only 3 or 4, they are one of the first to start the year off singing.

Another early singer is the Dunnock, see attached photo.

Bob and Bri

Snowy day 28th February

Only a small amount has fallen on Walney compared to other parts of the country and even the hills have been bypassed, see attached photos.

There were 6 Robins at the feeders this morning and one in the snow has to be included.

There were two Mistle Thrush following us around the walk and even managed to find the feeders, but unfortunately were camera shy.

Three small flocks of Fieldfare were also looking for a place to find food.

Bob and Bri

25th February

We have not reported in for some time as the reserve has been very quiet.

Today there was a little bit more activity, 20 Whooper swans passed over flying north.
Stonechats have been seen around the area before the tip, normally they perch on the highest branch on their own but today we spotted a pair on top of a gorse bush, see photo.

The resident swans were back today, still with three cygnets on tow, it will not be long before they also are given notice.

Bob and Bri

Thursday 2nd February

Unfortunately we have not posted any blogs lately, the weather has been terrible, not much to report except the ground is water logged.

Over the last few weeks, the cows have been wandering off the reserve, probably due to a lot of the fences being in poor repair and at the moment the cows have all been removed.

Due to the poor light, taking photos has been restricted but today the sun was out, and so was the full moon, one photo attached, but unfortunately there was no foreground to show the perspective.

At the feeders, this year has been the best for Bullfinch photos attached one with ten in the shot.

No unusual birds to report, the Goldfinch have only just started to feed on the Niger seed, a couple of Jays are always first to arrive to pick up the peanuts. Water Rail and Woodpecker have not been heard or seen this season.

Bob and Bri

Storm Damage 3rd Jan

The storm has severely weakened the path, as can be seen in the photos. Before it hit, the beach pebbles were level with the path and now they have been washed away and the path undercut up to 3 feet in places. Building the stone barrage to protect the chalets has achieved one problem but created another, it’s only a matter of time and the wall protecting the field will be undermined.

A couple of other shots attached, one of four Skylarks feeding in the field behind the wall and another of the Memorial gate with the sun rising.

Bob and Bri