Snow Drops

The two areas near the seat are now in full bloom, see photos, the actual location can be seen on the attached copy of Google map. The clump on the left are under the tree canopy and not easy to find, but the undergrowth around the others has been cleared and are much easier to view.

Bob and Bri

Update on Swans

At the moment we are down to the original nesting pair on the long pond, (female white ring (TYP)
and on on the fishing pond one (male no ring)
On the others we had late last year, Colin from the south end has given us the details:-
4CVS – Forton Lancs – 17/9/17
H6P – Ormsgill Reservoir – 14/8/11
4BTC – Thurnham Lancs – 20/8/15
4CPA – Ormsgill Reservoir – 14/9/16
The tree surgeons have been back clearing areas around wet spots, and this time have burned the cuttings, not sure if they have yet finished, will attach photos as soon as we think the job is complete.
Bob and Bri

Monday 4th February

As we set off on the walk yesterday, just before sunrise (reason photos are grainy), a Song Thrush was breaking up a snail and too focused to notice us.
The new airfield tower is near completion and on Saturday managed to catch the sun rising behind.
Waders were again at the edge of the tide on Saturday see shots.
Ponds were frozen hard on Saturday with only small holes of water kept open by the swans, see photos.

Bob and Bri

Cold Snap

This cold snap has brought lots of birds to the feeders, see some of the photos below,

and encouraged three Herons, two Goldeneye and a pair of Mergansers to look for food in the ponds.
It was high tide when returning to the car and a few waders were found resting on the rocks at Earnse Bay.

Bob and Bri

Friday 18th January

The swan number is now down to five, the resident pair keep harassing the new comers and won’t be happy until they all leave.
The number of birds waitng at the feeders in the morning has increased with this cold spell, Blackbirds especially, but they are difficult to count, managed a shot of a few along with Goldfinches on the Niger.

Bob and Bri

Cows late Christmas

As mentioned in the last blog, Brian moved his cattle into the fields, but he still has quite a number of hay bales to shift and today two enterprising cows managed to start to unwrap one, see photos.
We often come across painted stones lying at various places around the reserve and other day three with seasonal scenes and instructions, were left on the seats at Earnse Bay.

Bob and Bri

Tuesday 8th january

It’s been a very dark start to the year but today a bit of sunshine to lift the spirits( not the liquid kind).
Brian has been having a few problems with his cattle escaping through the fallen fences and wandering down as far as the chalets at Earnsy Bay but this weekend he put a stop to their plans by putting them into the two fields.
The swan population on the long pond has settled at nine but it’s too many for some of the occupants and battles are constant. These skirmishes are very serious and sometimes end in a fatality, a few weeks ago, one was found dead on the side of the pond, part eaten, with the head missing, possibly a result of the above. One pair of swans are oblivious to the fighting. (H6P) see attached photo.

Number of birds at the feeders has been low over the last week but today they were back to normal. A Water Rail was a rare visitor this week, but the Carrion Crows are there every morning waiting for us to leave.

Bob and Bri

Sunday 25th November

Another dry day but with a cool easterly breeze. Brian must have been up yesterday and opened the gate at the top of the long pond, cows were spread on both sides of the gate and not very happy,. lots of calling and wandering, then the penny dropped and we realised the calves were missing.
Took some photos of Blue Tits,Robin and Bullfinch, at the owl bench, and waterfowl on one of the small square ponds.

Bob and Bri