Yellow is the in colour

Flowers are blooming and if you prefer yellow then now is the time to visit.
Bush Lupin, Lady’s Bedstraw, Biting Stonecrop, Tormentil, and Dyer’s Greenweed are just a few.

Bob and Bri

Bee Orchids

Marsh orchids can be found everywhere but the Bee Orchid is a bit more sparse,some can be found on the old tip but are difficult to spot until you get your eye in. There are some which are easily spotted but unfortunately they are just the other side of the Airfield fence at Gate 4.
This long dry spell has been good for us especially with the wet winter, but not so good for the Natterjacks, they got off to an early start with spawn in April but there are still tadpoles in pond 52 and as can be seen from the photo the pond is almost dry. The very fist batch must have emerged as toadlets but none have yet been found.
The Four Spot Chaser has been flying around for a while now and one was found laying eggs in one of the few small ponds still with water.

3 June, 2018 13:33

As Bri has said the Swans failed with their nest and moved up to the Long Pond to engage in hostilities with the Canada geese and their brood.A few years ago we witnessed a swan gripping a gosling round the neck and attempting to drown it. A few adult Canadas came to its rescue harassing the Swan and thus releasing it.
Today I thought the same scene was going to materealise. Both swans bearing down on their nemesis and battle commenced.
But it ended in just chasing the geese around for a while and they eventually made their escape further up the pond.


27-31st May

It appears to have gone sadly wrong for the swans, after sitting in the reeds of the fishing pond, for about four weeks, she has given up and left the nest with no sign of any cygnets, at the moment both are residing on the long pond.
The wild flowers are looking well in the areas not being grazed, a couple of photos attached, Goats Beard and Ragged Robin.
Butterflies are also doing very well this year, especially the Common Blue and Small Heath with a few The Wall and Dingy Skipper in between, in addition, lots of day flying moths but unfortunately too quick to identify.
Caterpillars are on the move, Drinker moth, Garden Tiger moth often seen on the paths and the Yellow-tail moth which is gorging on the willow tree leaves, cannot be mistaken with it’s bright colours.
A few swallows were feeding on insects, possibly Mayfly, on the fishing pond.

Bob and Bri

28 May, 2018 19:41

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Hi, we thought the Canada Goose family had been, shall we say eliminated and lo and behold I came across them at the top end of the Long Pond. At the same time I saw a family of Mallard ducklings with their mother. Mister mallard does not help in rearing the children….ahem.
As the Canada Goose family approached they saw other Canadas and were hostile to them chasing them off, quite a fracas.
What a morning I then discovered the Greylag Goose family again we thought they had been vanquished.
Found them back of the fishing pond and the next day saw them on the far pond, must have walked the family about 500 yds or so. Brave thing to do, as I saw fox prowling round by the long pond and could smell the foxes scent in various locations.


Cow being to Curious

A pair of Greylag geese with their brood were intercepted by a curious cow and it soon had to turn and run, see photos.
Thrift is now starting to bloom and turning sections of the marsh a soft pink colour, and it’s also time for the Burnet Rose to brighten up the grazed area.
An animal has had a good feed of a Eider duck egg, remains found on the north end shore, channel side.
Temperature is rising, came across a couple of Common Blue butterflies and also a Dingy Skipper , checked the area for Pearl-bordered Fritillary, but no sign yet.


Past few days

The wildlife is springing into action, attached are a few photos, which are self explanatory. The photo of the Latticed Heath moth was slightly unusual, the male moths were flying over the heather and only occasionally settling and as soon as the camera auto focus cut in they were off again. On the second day, it happened all over again, but one then settled in some heather, but locating it was another problem until I came across the lighter coloured female, with the original male already attached, this explained their behavior, they were all looking for a mate.


Bully has been at again

As he is the only one of the cattle with horns, he must take the blame. This morning the owl seat was lying flat with holes in one of the owls body, see photos.
Other more pleasant sightings were, first Four-spotted Chaser this season, a pair of Eider duck on the long pond, a clearer view of the Reed Warbler and also a photo of a Grasshopper Warbler taken at the south end of the long pond.


Monday 14th May

The first Canada geese for a few years, have nested on the long pond and were showing off their brood of six today.

A few Large Red Damselflies are flying around the area just north west of the tip.

Red Campion are also now in flower but the only survivors are in the thick of the brambles, out of reach from the cows.

This sunshine has brought out a few white butterflies, spotted a Green-veined in the first field this morning.