New Memorial gate support damaged

As can be seen in the photos the gate has been pushed through in the wrong direction and popped lower hinge. The gate is extremely heavy and the original method of support was very poor, relying on the top hinge to take all the weight.

Bob and Bri

North End Reserve

Some animals are on the move others are not, photo taken of a young roe deer, found dead on top of beach on the west side, the cattle fences definitely restrict the movement of the young roe , which cannot manage to clear them.

Another photo of a large jelly fish on the side of the channel, see size compared to large bucket.

Lots of Skimmers around one shot of a Four spot attached.

Also a few Drinker moth caterpillars on the move, looking for a good place to pupate.

Plenty of Common Blue Damselfly are around the ponds and in the long grass, photo of one unfortunate that landed in the water, and close by was a damselfly nymph.

Walk around Gillie’s

Had a stroll around Gillies yesterday, primarily to check on the Sparrowhawks. Earlier in the season they were checking out a spot near an old nest, and it appears they have had second thoughts but they are close by, one flew out of the trees and briefly landed on a post before continuing it’s hunt.

Barn Owls from the tower can often be seen hunting during the day, trying to feed a hungry family is a full time job. Yesterday one of the young could be seen under the tank and while watching, one of the adults returned with a vole, not sure how many there are but definitely more than one.

Came across a family of Long-tailed tits but they were too difficult to catch on camera but did manage a Whitethroat.

The terrapins in Gillie’s pond are well known, they have been there for a number of years now but yesterday saw three on camera.


The Fox and the Pheasant

A fox was disturbed by one of the planes coming into land and as it entered the next field, the scent of a pheasant passed it’s nose and nature took over, but before long another scent arrived, of a human and dog, a lucky escape for the pheasant.


The Cuckoo returns

A female Cuckoo was sitting on a post in the first field, being mobbed by Pipits, probably hoping to catch a second brood because yesterday we watched a young Pipit, from the first brood, crash land in the heather, see photo.

Today was the first really warm morning and it brought out the first of the many insects, see photos.

Common Blue butterfly,

Dingy Skipper butterfly,

Large Red Damselfly,

Six-spot Burnet moth caterpillar

Bob and Bri