Tufted success

Yesterday two families of Tufted duck were seen, one on the long pond with 8 ducklings and the other on the north small pond, with 10 young, they are a lot more interesting to watch than the mallards, diving and bobbing up like corks on their first day.
We had a pair of Pheasants at the feeders, but no young, see photo.
Also which was a first at the feeders, a rabbit, which quickly disappeared into the nettles.
Earlier in the year a Woodpigeon nested in the garden but unfortunately was predated, but it hasn’t put them off, they are eating the Gooseberries by the dozen and Redcurrants but not as many, see photos.
At the bottom of the old tip was a Blackbird with white feathers on it’s back, not seen it before, it maybe one of this years young.

Lynne , Bob and Bri