Nesting Swans

The new pair of swans that have been on the reserve for the last 12 months are nesting for the first time, on the fishing pond. They appear to be a young pair, the female had a very pale yellow beak when it arrived last year.hopefully they have picked a safe spot and have a very successful brood.
Have not seen or heard any migrants yet but Chris has spotted a Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff.and lots of Wheaters on the horse field.
The pair of Goldeneye have now gone but yesterday a single female was still on the square ponds.
Quite a few Stonechat have made it through the winter, especially around the tanktrack area and tip.
NE have erected another sign at the entrance to the reserve, ( now three on the first gate), it’s warning people of the nesting shore birds, which is good, but then it warns of staying outside the fenced area, which is very confusing, how can anyone walk the coastal path outside the fenced area??
This morning a Cormorant was fast asleep at the fishing pond, obviously having consumed a good meal..