Monday 28th September

It’s a very quiet time at the moment, with all the summer birds returning to warmer climates and winter ones not yet arrived.
We have placed a wildlife camera to see the nightlife and caught a Badger determined to climb a tree see shots attached.
We found an Owl pellet on Geoff’s seat and as can be seen it contains a lot of small insects, it may be from one of this year’s young struggling to catch larger prey.
We found Apple Blossom a couple of weeks ago. Is this a sign of increased temperatures?
Natural England has been busy removing Japanese Rose from the area just adjacent to the main path after the horse field, and this time they have treated it with a chemical. It’s all part of the Dune Restoration project, in previous attempts at removal have failed, hope this one is more successful. It’s a pity they didn’t pick up all the rubbish hidden underneath.

It might be a bit late but they have just erected a Covid 19 sign at the entrance to the site.

Lynne, Bob and Bri.