Lots of Goldfinch

The goldfinch are now in flocks looking for the best seed, one flock of about 50 is in the area just before the tip and the other approx 200 is in the first field. One photo of a couple feeding on Ragwort is attached.

A few Tufted have arrived back on the long pond, see shot of a male in the eclipse stage.

Also arrived back are the Herons, which are often seen on the fishing and long ponds.

Bob and Bri

Spot the real one

A Wheatear perched first on a post then on one of the camouflage birds on the new gate, see photo.

We have just finished checking and cleaning the bird boxes, not one of the best years, but six nested and flew and left a total of 6 eggs between them, three were abandoned and one, a Great Tit, left 5 eggs, probably due to a Magpie’s nest 3 foot above and the last box had a large hole ripped into the bottom and side.

Bob and Bri

Late nesting

See the attached photo of two fairly young swallows, the parents are working hard to build them up and i think the first brood are also helping, but time is running out, as soon as they are able to fly, the family will be on the move south.

The butterflies are making one last appearance, spotted today were,

Painted Lady,

Common Blue,

Small copper,


Red Admiral



Now is the time to see the heather in full bloom, it has been a really good year and on a calm day the scent is very aromatic.

Today a young Robin arrived to sit on the carved owl and on the way back here was a well worn Wall butterfly.

Bob and Bri

Tree felling

As reported earlier in the year, a company was employed to remove trees from the reserve and also from the area just before the tip, we were informed by the contractor, it was to encourage restoration of the heather and improve the habitat.

We have just took a few photos of the area and two specific locations have been attached, showing the comparison between March, after felling and August, the regrowth is phenomenal.

The question must be asked, what is it all about, why spend all this money felling the trees, for them to regrow stronger and larger than ever.

Bob and Bri

Comparison – after cutting March 2017 and new growth August 2017 (2).docx

Comparison – after cutting March 2017 and new growth August 2017.docx

Young Wren

Very unusual to be able to watch wrens out in the open but this morning two young Wrens and a young Dunnock were interacting on Goeff’s seat, it just brightened up the whole day.

Bob and Bri

Last flush of Butterflies

It has been extraordinary year for the Ragwort, a blanket covers the reserve, it is not very good for the grazing stock or for the airfield next door, but it certainly proving popular with the butterflies, see photo.

This morning we disturbed a Woodpecker searching for food in the bench seat,it may not last much longer, and about five minutes later it returned to the feeder, see photo.

These cold mornings have enticed a few common lizards out onto the paths for warmth, see photo.

Bob and Bri