Last few Days

At the end of April we had a few Holly Blue butterflies passing through the garden, not seen any for a few days but there will be another hatch later in the year.
On most days, at the end of the long pond, on one of the fence posts sits a Woodpigeon, it’s probably has a partner sitting on eggs nearby.
A pair of Swans were on the bank of the fishing pond and the male had a metal ring marked British Museum, we have not seen this pair before, will try and photograph the number next time.

The Geese are starting to hatch both Canada and Greylag have families.
There were eight Shelduck flying over the long pond. They can normally be seen in pairs this time of year, normally 2,4 or 6 fly together.
Yesterday there was a cheeky Blackbird pulling part of our plants to bits to collect material for a nest in a Lilac door.

Lynne and Bri