Friday 15th January

Passing the horse field

on the way back coincided with high tide, where there were quite a few Redshank feeding, see a couple of photos attached.
Over the past few weeks we have been listening to a Woodpecker having a good go at one of the bird boxes behind the seat, but the other day, we heard and saw it on one of the other boxes, see photo of the damage, All the boxes are fitted with a piece of clear plastic around the hole,to prevent access during the breeding season, but they can’t be stopped going through the sides.
Found a couple of pieces of Yellow Brain Fungus( Tremella mesenterica

) on a Gorse bush today, see photos, and also found some information on the internet.

The name ‘mesenterica’ comes from Ancient Greek for the middle intestine.

Mythology and symbolism

According to European legend, if yellow brain fungus appeared on the gate or door of a house it meant that a witch had cast a spell on the family living there. The only way the spell could be removed was by piercing the fungus several times with straight pins until it went away. This is why yellow brain also has the common name of ‘witches’ butter’. In Sweden, yellow brain fungus was burnt to protect against evil spirits.