Tuesday 23rd October

The woodpecker was still around yesterday afternoon and the nuts were empty at the second feeder, put two and two and get five, but it’s probably the culprit.
At the first feeders there were two Coal tits on the seed but only feeding one at a time, they don’t get on. They only like the sunflower seeds, discarding everything until one is found, see photo.
Also a few Goldfinches and one with coloured rings on the right leg, think it’s one of Colin’s from the south end.
There are still a few caterpillars around, found a couple of Wood Tigers, see photo, these will hibernate over winter and emerge next spring to pupate.
The badgers had been along the dispersal road looking for food, see photo of disturbance.

Bob and Bri

2 replies on “Tuesday 23rd October”

This is indeed a bird that was ringed at the south end of the island earlier this year, unfortunately the lack of detail with regards to the colour on the other leg does not allow the bird to be identified to an individual. Keep looking at the Goldfinch though over 330 birds have been marked with a unique colour sequence in 2012.

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