Thursday 11th October

First of all thanks to Ian and Chris for pointing out the deliberate mistake on the Monday posting, two photos were incorrectly titled, now attached corrected.
Came across a Silver Y moth on Tuesday, quite late in the year for these, it’s name comes from the Y on the wing.
We disturbed a Kestrel in the field this morning, it flew off carrying it’s kill. On inspection it turned out to be a small bird, see photo of feathers, possibly a female Chaffinch.
We have bee slowly checking out the bird boxes and in box No 5 there were the remains of a small bee hive. The first of the two pictures show the hive covered, this was how it was found, and the second reveals the honeycomb after removing a layer of moss . It appears the box was first used by a Blue Tit and then after they fledged the bees took over and when they left another bird started to build again. Last year we had a box very similar but some of the bees had died and some had not quite hatched, they turned out to be Buff Tailed variety.
Also during the checking of the boxes found freshly bored holes in a willow tree, possibly some kind of wasp.
Yesterday we saw a flight of Hooper swans on the way south, first we have seen this year.
Just off the dispersal road near the feeders, the dogs picked up a scent and it found what looks like a fox’s larder, a freshly dug up and well chewed bone.

Bob and Bri